ETS Season #14 Final: “Decision by voting”

Chuck`s Raceway a potential place for ETS RD6

For the ETS crew it would be easy to collaborate with the local authorities again, as we had a very positive outcome at our last event there. In the same moment it would be a good solution because we can monitor the general Covid-19 situation here in Germany better than the situation in other countries (as the complete ETS Orga team is living in Germany).

We just don`t like to take any big risks for all of you and therefore we are thinking about another ETS race in Neumünster to end Season #14 2021/22 after RD6. The scheduled date would be the same as for the cancelled race in the Huda Arena – from 25.03. to 27.03.2022 but we will not use Thursday for practice. The race will be a three-day event starting on Friday morning with the track being closed on Thursday. We hope this will help you to plan your days off even better for the race. If you like to practice at Chuck`s Raceway at some time ahead of the race, just contact the team on their Facebook page!

Your votes count

But as we always like to organize races which you can enjoy the most, we like to find the decision about going to Neumünster together with YOU. We will have a voting starting today, which will last until January 30. We will use the result of this poll to make our final decision. Only drivers who have raced at least at one race of the actual ETS season #14 can vote to make it transparent and fair. To make the event possible, we need around 200 entries to make it happen from an economic perspective!

Possible scenarios after the poll

Scenario 1:

With enough people voting for Neumünster, we will organize the season final of ETS Season #14 2021/22 at Chuck`s Raceway from the 25.03. – 27.03.2022 and we will crown our ETS champions there!

Scenario 2:

If we don`t see a positive voting for Neumünster, we will end the actual season after ETS RD5 in Daun and the new ETS season will start at the beginning of June.