Today we must inform you, that we had to cancel ETS RD6 Season #14 2021/22 in the Hudy Arena /SVK. As the Covid-19 restrictions are still very strict in Slovakia, the whole situation is not very safe and clear for the ETS crew to plan and organize an event there. With Slovakia only having a quote of around 50% of twice vaccinated people, we decided to NOT travel to the country for ETS RD6. It was not an easy decision for the ETS crew and ToniSport, but in the end we concluded to still think about the health and safety of our ETS family at first! 

Early cancellation makes it easier for everybody

Together with the Hudy Family, we decided to cancel the race as they are expecting the restrictions to get even stricter in the next weeks. As we know that it needs a lot of preparation for racers to travel to the Hudy Arena, we decided to cancel the race right ahead of time to prevent our ETS family from any trouble when it comes to cancellation of vacation days, hotels, flights, rental cars and stuff like that.

Searching a new location for the ETS “Season Final”

When you read this message, the ETS crew has already started to find a new location for ETS RD6. We will update you as soon as we know if it will be possible to host our season final in a different country.

We are sorry for this message today, but we have no other chance to react to this situation and we hope for your understanding.

See you in Daun for ETS RD5 Season #14 2021/22.

Uwe, Scotty and the whole ETS crew!