Michal Orlowski is debuting the brand new Schumacher Mi8 touring car here at ETS RD5 in Daun. He is running the production car in the Matrix Modified class! The Mi8 is a completely new designed platform from the British company and features a new motor position, as well as a new twin upper suspension design for more precision and easy caster adjustments. The car features ultra short shocks, a new anti-roll bar system and a low profile servo mount. The rest of the car is also designed with a very low center of gravity as well. There are a lot more new features on the Mi8, and the new alloy differential in the rear is rounding up the new Schumacher Mi8 touring car platform.

Body Shell: ZooRacing Wolverine 0,5
Speedo:Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Pro G2S
Motor: Hobbywing XeRun V10 G3 5.0T
Battery: Sunpadow Platin 4000mah Shorty
Radio: Sanwa M17
Servo: Power HD S15
Tires: Matrix ETS Handout
Sponsors: Schumacher, Hobbywing, Sunpadow, Power HD, MR33, ToniSport, Sanwa, KlinikRC, TrishBits, CoreRC, TKRgraphics, Apaint