Matrix Modified

Völker and Mugen Seiki are overall ETS champions

After Ronald Völker crossed the finish line here in A2 of the Matrix modified class, the audience had a huge applause for the newly crowned ETS champion. With this win here in Daun, nobody could take the title away from Völker anymore. It is his seventh overall ETS title, and the first for Mugen Seiki – the team he joined at the end of 2020.
Directly after the start Marc Rheinard (Awesomatix) was close to Völker but in lap 2, Marc spun out while he entered the chicane and lost his second spot to Yokomo`s Christopher Krapp. The Yokomo driver had a great pace afterwards and closed the gap to the Mugen car of Völker in front of him. But as Krapp was driving “a little over the limit to catch Ronald”, he had some small bubbles here and there which allowed Rheinard to come closer again. As Krapp was riding a curb slightly too much, Rheinard took the chance and passed him to get the second place back.
At the front it was still Ronald Völker leading, and everything looked easy for him until Marco Kaufmann`s car had a crash on track and landed directly on the front hood of Volker’s Mugen at the end of the fast straightway. What a shock for everybody around the track. Rheinard came closer again but luckily for Ronald, his car was only tweaked a little bit and he could still bring home the win in the last minute of the race to take the win here in Daun and the overall ETS title in the Matrix Modified class.

We talked to a very delighted Ronald Völker after A2:

My car was a little bit twitchy in the beginning and I touched the curbs in the chicane in the opening lap. After Marc had a small bubble, I had some breathing room but also Chrissi (Christopher Krapp) was having a good run. I tried to not let him come closer. However, at the 4-minute mark I had a comfortable lead and I got shocked out of nowhere when a car was landing on the front hood of my car. Luckily it landed on my car and not right in front of it, otherwise it would have ended my race immediately. After that my Mugen car felt slightly tweaked but the gap was just enough to bring it home. I am very happy to win the first ETS title for Mugen Seiki and I like to thank Robert Pietsch and everybody else in the team for the great support. I also like to thank Jürgen Lautenbach from LRP for his support over all the years as my perfect working LRP power package was a huge factor in the hunt for another ETS title as well as all my other sponsors for their long term partnership.

Ronald Völker, Mugen Seiki/LRP

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Xray ProStock

Lauter scores maximum points in Daun after winning chaotic A2

Simon Lauter took the win in A2 of the Xray ProStock class and is the overall winner of RD5 at the Sporthotel Grafenwald in Daun. Simon took it tone to tone with his Awesomatix teammate Alex Kunkler finishing 0.6 seconds behind him in the second spot. Behind them, Frederik Mikkelsen had a great race from 6th on the grid to the third position.
But the spectators around the track all looked a little surprised about the heat as we saw so many crashed, hard moves and some unsportsmanlike conduct on track as well. For sure, it is just an RC car race, but we are hoping that everybody will take a deep breath now to show us a clean and nice third A-Main. The top three had nothing to do with this big carnage during the race, but almost everybody else was involved in some “scary” scenes.

Asked about his strong win here in Daun Simon Lauter had the following words for us:

I am happy with this result as I had to deliver here at the fifth round of the championship. It was not easy to claim the pole position here as everybody was so fast and the competition was very high. In A1 on Saturday my car was unreal and as good as it has never been before. In today`s second leg it was still very good, but I had to keep my nerves under control as Kunki (Alex Kunkler) always was in striking distance. In the end it all went fine for me and I am also very happy for Kunki`s strong result as we practiced a lot together before this event.  

Simon Lauter, Awesomatix/LRP

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Niemann is the overall winner of the FWD class

In the Hobbywing Frontwheel class Meik Niemann took another dominant win ahead of Sebastian Meibörg in second and Sören Sparbier in third. For Niemann the race is done and he is the overall winner here at ETS RD5 in the highly competitive FWD class.
Let`s see who will join him on the podium as we will head into the third and final A-Main of our Hobbywing Frontwheel class very soon!

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Orca 17.5 Stock

Dominant win for Reile as he takes A2 for overall victory

Dominik Reile is the overall winner of ETS RD5. After he won A1 yesterday evening, he took full advantage of his starting position again and drove to a relatively unchallenged win in A2 on Sunday morning. Daniel Pöhlmann was close to him after the start, but during the run Reile was able to stretch his lead to 1.8 seconds. Thomas Bemmerl had a traction roll in lap 7 and lost the conbtact to the duo in front. He still managed to defend his position against Alexander Müller who finished fourth in A2.
For Dominik Reile it was the second win of the season, with championship leader Thomas Bemmerl have taken three wins so far. The championship is not finally in the bag for Bemmerl as Reile will have the chance to achieve the same amount with another win at ETS RD6 which is scheduled for March in Neumünster.

Asked about his weekend, Dominik Reile told our media team:

It feels really great to win here in Daun. I am happy with my own driving and my Awesomatix car was so good all weekend. I hope that we will have the race in Neumünster as I would love to fight for the overall title with Thomas there.

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ToniSport 40+ Masters

Mateo wins A2 after intense fight with Morgen

Toni Mateo is the winner of the ToniSport 40+ Masters class. Toni had to defend against strong driving Caspar Morgen for the entire 5 minutes of the race, but he was able to stand his ground and brought home another win after he won ETS RD4 in Neumünster some weeks ago. Behind Mateo and Morgen we saw Ulrich Dinger, Torsten Baggendorf and Thomas Oehler rounding out the top 5 in A-Main number two of the 40+ Masters class.

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Scorpion Formula

The Formula win goes to Great Britain as Lee takes A2

Top Qualifier Luke Lee will bring a nice trophy home to the UK. He took the second leg of A-Mains here in Daun with Renè Kölbel chasing him around the track for the entire race. But Luke Lee looked very strong in the front and didn`t make any mistakes which meant that there was absolutely no chance for Kölbel to ride some serious attacks on Lee.
Behind race winner Lee and Renè Kölbel, Sören Sparbier drove to another strong third place in A2 of the Scorpion Formula class. A3 will be on the line soon and the fight for second overall is still open between Kölbel and Sparbier.

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