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ETS A1 Report RD6 Season #15 2022/23

The first round of Finals was scheduled for Saturday evening, and all drivers looked forward to start from the grid “on the sound of the tone”. The A-Mains had been spectacular to watch and in this report you will find all the information about the races!

Matrix Modified

Orlowski wins A1 in front of hard pushing Volker as Rheinard flew off the track

In the first Matrix Modified A-Main, we saw Michal Orlowski with a perfect start off the line. He was leading for the entire race and was able to hold off Ronald Völker, who was absolutely pushing his car to the limit to set him under pressure. But Orlowski stayed calm, and made no mistakes until he crossed the finish line.
Marc Rheinard was also in the mix during the first half of the race, where he was driving in third place with his Orca powered Awesomatix A800R. Reinhard’s goal was to attack Völker in front of him for the overall championship. At the 2:30 minute mark, Rheinard was riding the curb in the fast left hander of the left track section a little too much, and his car flew into the fence. His race was done!

Behind A1 winner Orlowski and second placed Völker, it was the Yokomo duo of Christopher Krapp and Yannic Prümper earning P3 and P4 while Lucas Urbain finished fifth. A1 was a big break for Orlowski in case of winning the event, and a very good result for Völker in direction championship title. Rheinard needs to get by Völker in both of tomorrows remaining finals to keep his championship chances alive!

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298777?key=203

Awesomatix ProStock

Lauter wins A1 like a real champion

In the Awesomatix Pro Stock class, Simon Lauter never looked back after the sound of the tone. He had everything under control and drove to an unchallenged win in front of a strong teammate Lukas Ellerbrock. Oliver Krähemann, Patrick Danielsen, and Sören Sparbier finished in the same order they started and took positions 3 to 5. A great run from the back-to-back ETS champion Simon Lauter which once again showed that he is the dominant force of the Pro Stock class at the ETS.

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298776?key=203

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Masterclass from Sparbier in the first FWD A-Main

Hobbywing Frontwheel TQ Sören Sparbier won his first A-Main in his ETS racing career here in Daun. He started from pole position and converted it into a very impressive win. ETS champion Stefan Schulz was all over him in the early stages of the race until he had to stop his car after a driving mistake which ended in a crash. After Schulz had disappeared from the rear-view mirror of Sparbier`s Mugen Seiki car, it was Awesomatix driver Roman Borschel who was closing in on Sparbier. But Sören Sparbier showed strong nerves, made no mistakes, and brought home an important win in the first A-Main under the applause of the audience! Roman Borschel, Meik Niemann, Henrik Heitsch, and Nicolas Delisé rounded out the top 5 on Saturday evening!

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298775?key=203

Orca 17.5 Stock

Perfect drive from Reile in first 17.5 Stock A-Main

Dominik Reile showed that he still can convert pole positions into race wins. After having several bad runs from the pole position during the season, he found his winning attitude again and brought the day to a perfect ending with winning the first Orca 17.5 Stock A-Main. Reiles championship rival Jasmin Donath also showed an amazingly clean race and crossed the line only 0.270 seconds behind Reile. What a clinic drive from these two amazing drivers out front. The gap to third placed Roman Borschel was about 4 seconds which shows the extra class of Reile and Donath in A1. Henrik Heitsch drove from 6 to 4, and Kevin Schmid finished fifth.

Everything looks really good for Dominik Reile now, but he needs another brilliant run on Sunday to receive the big trophy from Scotty and Uwe. Jasmin Donath will try everything she can to fight back on Sunday and she has shown that the pace is there. It is game on in the Orca 17.5 Stock class!

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298772?key=203

ToniSport 40+ Masters

No mistakes from Zierold as he takes A1 from Stankowitz and Morgen

Pole sitter Michel Zierold is still on a high here at the ETS season finale in Daun. He won the first A-Main with a defensive driving (because of the overall championship) Manuel Stankowitz in tow. Andreas Myrberg had a traction roll in the early stages of the run and dropped all the way down to the end of the pack, while Torsten Baggendorf and Ulrich Dinger finished fourth and fifth behind third placed Caspar Morgen.
Manuel Stankowitz is only one A-Main away from becoming ETS champion in the 40+ Masters class, he just needs to finish ahead of Toni Mateo one more time. Sunday morning will tell us more about this story!

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298773?key=203

Scorpion Formula

Hard pushing Kölbel found no way to attack Stiebler in A1

The first A-Main of the Scorpion Formula class was a two-horse race between Andreas Stiebler and René Kölbel. Both had a very clean race, and no matter how hard Kölbel was pushing, there was no chance to come close enough to Andreas Stiebler. A big break for the Schumacher driver Stiebler who would become ETS champion if he can repeat this result just one more time on Sunday. Gergö Valent and Herbert Weber continued with the nice fight they had all weekend long and finished right behind Stiebler and Kölbel in third and fourth position.

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298774?key=203

The second and third round of finals will be underway on Sunday, and we will keep you updated about the results. Follow our Stream in the “LIVE” section on our website and enjoy ETS RD6 from Daun, no matter where you are!