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5 things to watch during ETS RD2 Season #16 2023/24 in Aigen-Schlägl, AUT

Before we head into our racing weekend, we always give you some interesrting things to watch (from our side of view). As the race in Aigen is the second of the season, the race for the championships will pick up some pace from now on as everybody aims for a good result at the end of ETS Season #16. Here are our 5 things to watch at ETS RD2 in Austria!

1.) LensBodies Ghibli debut at ETS

LensBodies has become an ETS body shell supporting company, and their Ghibli body shell is already listed and allowed to use in Aigen. As we took a closer look on the body, we noticed that some very good drivers have already won national races and other meetings with it. It will be interesting to see how many drivers will use the Ghibli body from LensBodies – and how they will perform with it. The Ghibli is allowed in all touring car classes – just take a look on the ETS body shell list and you will find it there!

2.) RC Racing TV

Even if we have announced it multiple times now – we are still super stoked about RC Racing TV coming to our event. It will be the first time for the British crew to broadcast an ETS event, and they are excited in the same way as we are. They have a full packed schedule of events in July, and we are proud to be one of those events. So, one thing to watch will be RC Racing TV during the entire weekend for sure 🙂

3.) Austrians racing in Austria

From 14 to 33 – that is a great improvement. At last years ETS race in Aigen, we “only” saw 14 Austrian racers on the line. This time, the number has increased up to 33 which makes us very happy. We like to thank all the local Austrian drivers for supporting this event in their home country. Another big thank you goes to Martin Maryhofer who made a very good promotion for our race in the meantime.
Let`s see what the locals can do at ETS RD2 in Aigen-Schlägl – we will have an eye on them!

4.) ProStock champion racing Modified

At RD1 in Apeldoorn, we saw some of the best ProStock racers running in the Matrix Modified class. One of them was three time ETS Pro Strock champion Simon Lauter (Awesomatix). He told us that he wants to take the challenge of the modified class now and in Apeldoorn he did amazingly well. He only missed the A-Main by a very small margin, but his speed was already there.
With Simon`s determination to our sport, we know that he will work and practice hard to make the Modified A-Main soon. Let`s see what he can do in Aigen – he definateley is a driver to watch!

5.) Ratheisky family again in full force

It was amazing to see the whole Ratheisky family (including Jan`s father Kai Asmer) racing at ETS RD1 in Apeldoorn. Nobody really knows how Jan is able to manage all the work on the cars between the heats while starting in 3 classes himself, but somehow the Ratheisky racing team is always on track. With Svantje, Emely, and Marlon learining how to wrench on their cars more and more, the stress will become less in the future and Jan will be able to lean back again 🙂 Watch the Ratheisky family enjoyig RC in a high dosis at ETS RD2 in Austria!