Qualifying is over here at ETS RD3 in Apeldoorn. All TQ`s and A-Main spots are taken as we head into the finals very soon. The 10th qualifiers will be raced out on Sunday morning with our bump up system in the first B-Mains to complete the 10 car grids here in Appeldoorn. Find out who made it into the big show in our Q4 report!

Matrix Modified

Coelho is top qualifier in the Netherlands

Bruno Coelho will start from the pole position into the triple A-Mains of the Matrix Modified class at ETS RD3 on Sunday. The Xray factory driver won the last round of qualifying in front of Mugen Seiki`s Ronald Völker and Yokomo`s Yannic Prümper. Alexander Hagberg (Xray) will line up fourth on the grid after making a mistake in lap 19 while running in second. Awesomatix driver Marc Rheinard will attack from the fifth position!

Top qualifier Bruno Coelho had the following to say about his day and the upcoming finals:

It is great to start on pole here in Apeldoorn. But as the gap to the others was always very small, I expect difficult finals to be honest. On this track the first 3-4 laps are very important and not easy as you can win or loose everything. I will focus on having a good start and when the cars behind me also fighting for positions it maybe will help me to build up a gap to them.   

Bruno Coelho, Xray/Hobbywing

We also talked with second qualifier Ronald Völker after Q4:

After Q3 I thought that I maybe might lose my second position to Alex in the last round of qualifying. But luck was on my side and I am still second on the grid. For tomorrow I will try to get my car on point as it will be important to build up as much pressure as possible directly after the start!

Ronald Völker, Mugen Seiki/LRP

Overall Top 9 of the Matrix Modified class class after 4 rounds of qualifying (Car/Electronics):
TQ Bruno Coelho (PT) Xray/Hobbywing
2. Ronald Völker (DE) Mugen Seiki/LRP
3. Yannic Prümper (DE) Yokomo/Dash
4. Alexander Hagberg (SE) Xray/Hobbywing
5. Marc Rheinard (DE) Awesomatix/Orca
6. Christopher Krapp (DE) Yokomo/Racing Performer
7. Antoine Brunet (FR) Xray/Hobbywing
8. Michele Manzo (CH) Awesomatix/Hobbywing
9. Eric Dankel (DE) Mugen Seiki/Hobbywing

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/59664/273577?key=202

Xray ProStock

Benson on top of the game in ProStock

After 4 rounds of very intense ProStock qualifying, Tim Benson found himself on top of the Xray ProStock class. Benson took the last round and together with his second place from Q1 he had the best points scored on his card. Behind Benson we will see a strong line-up with Simon Lauter (Awesomatix), Alexandre Duchet (Xray), Max Mächler (Awesomatix) and Lukas Ellerbrock (Xray) in the top5

ProStock TQ Tim Benson talked to us after Q4:

This is my first TQ in the ProStock class and I am excited about starting first into the finals on Sunday. My car works amazing and my only goal for tomorrow is not to throw it away by myself!

Tim Benson, Mugen Seiki/Nosram

Overall Top 9 of the Xray ProStock class after 4 rounds of qualifying (Car/Battery):
TQ Tim Benson (DE) Mugen Seiki/Nosram
2. Simon Lauter (DE) Awesomatix/LRP
3. Alexandre Duchet (FR) Xray/Orca
4. Max Mächler (DE) Awesomatix/Sunpadow
5. Lukas Ellerbrock (DE) Xray/LRP
6. Frederik Mikkelsen (DK) Awesomatix/LRP
7. Alex Kunkler (FR) Awesomatix/Ruddog Racing
8. Martin Hofer (DE) Awesomatix/Nosram
9. Jan Ratheisky (DE) Xray/Sunpadow

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/59664/273576?key=202

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Schulz secures pole position in Q4

The last round of qualifying in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class saw Stefan Schulz taking the win by 0.2 seconds in front of Steven Olsen and Nicolas Delisè. With his two TQ runs Stefan Schulz will start from a well-deserved pole position ahead of Olsen and Koos into Sunday`s triple A-Mains.
With the championship leaders Schulz and Olsen starting in the front row of the grid everything is set up for a great show on Sunday in the FWD class here at ETS RD3 in Apeldoorn.

Asked about his qualifying result, Stefan Schulz told us:

After a slow start into qualifying, I got my driving together in the last two heats and I am really happy how it turned out for me. For tomorrow I will just focus on my lines and try to lay down some clean runs with my Xray car. It will not be an easy task but I will go for it trying to win the race!

Stefan Schulz, Xray

Overall Top 9 of the Hobbywing Frontwheel class after 4 rounds of qualifying:
TQ Stefan Schulz (DE)
2. Steven Olsen (DE)
3. Mischa Kroos (CH)
4. Manuel Stankowitz (DE)
5. Nicolas Delisè (FR)
6. Henrik Heitsch (DE)
7. Jacques Libar (LU)
8. Oliver Kaufmann (DE)
9. Frederik Hovgaard (DK)

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/59664/273573?key=202

Stock 17.5

Reile is TQ in Apeldoorn

David Kuschnarew did everything he can to steal the TQ away from Domink Reile with his wins in Q3 and Q4 but in the end Dominik Reile had the faster time at his favour and will line up first for the triple A-Mains on Sunday in the Orca 17.5 Stock class.

Top Qualifier Reile will start from pole for the first time at the ETS and he said after Q4:

I am super happy with my car and the track here in Apeldoorn is really amazing. For the finals I just have to stay away from the curbs which I sometimes ride a little too much. I expect serious pressure from David Kuschnarew and Daniel Pöhlmann and I will try my best to defend my position. I am looking forward for tomorrow to battle it out on track!

Dominik Reile, Awesomatix

Overall Top 9 of the Orca 17.5 Stock class after 4 rounds of qualifying:
TQ Dominik Reile (DE) Awesomatix
2. David Kuschnarew (DE) Yokomo
3. Daniel Pöhlmann (DE) Awesomatix
4. Roman Borschel (DE) Awesomatix
5. Thomas Bemmerl (DE) Awesomatix
6. Maximilian Unterschütz (DE) Mugen Seiki
7. Felix Schneider (DE) Awesomatix
8. Max Körner (DE) Mugen Seiki
9. Elena Fuchs (DE) Awesomatix

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/59664/273572?key=202

ToniSport 40+ Masters

Toni Mateo fastest in Q4 to start second

In the ToniSport 40+ Masters class it was Toni Mateo who won the last round of qualifying here in Apeldoorn. He won in front of Manuel Stankowitz and Caspar Morgen. With this TQ run on his favour, Mateo will start second on the grid with Manuel Stankowitz in third position.

Overall Top 9 of the Orca 17.5 Stock class after 4 rounds of qualifying:
TQ Elibert Sievers (NL)
2. Toni Mateo (ES)
3. Manuel Stankowitz (DE)
4. Torsten Baggendorf (DE)
5. Flavio Paladin (IT)
6. Thomas Oehler (DE)
7. Werner Schmitzer (AT)
8. Andy Kühne (DE)
9. Caspar Morgen (DK)

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/59664/273574?key=202

Scorpion Formula

Miedema takes last minute TQ

Jitse Miedema is the overall TQ in the Scorpion Formula class at ETS RD3 in Apeldoorn. The Dutch driver will start from pole in front of David Ehrbar, Jan Ratheisky, Bram Lagerwey and Robin van Gog.

We asked top qualifier Jitse Miedema about his qualifying:

My car was amazing in the conditions this afternoon as I struggled a little in Q1 yesterday evening and in Q2 this morning in the colder conditions. I will think about a small setup change as A1 will be tomorrow morning and I have to find something to make the car better. I hope that David and Jan will have a fight for second right behind me which maybe can help me leading away in the front!

Jitse Miedema, Infinity

Overall Top 9 of the Scorpion Formula class after 4 rounds of qualifying:
TQ Jitse Miedema (NL) Infinity
2. David Ehrbar (DE) Ehrbar Engineering
3. Jan Ratheisky (DE) Xray
4. Bram Lagerwey (NL) Infinity
5. Robin van Gog (NL) Infininty
6. Herbert Weber (AT) Xray
7. Chris Grenz (DE) Ehrbar Engineering
8. Michael Lipperheide (DE) Ehrbar Engineering
9. Sören Sparbier (DE) Serpent

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/59664/273575?key=202

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