Matrix Modified

Coelho wins A1 in Apeldoorn

In the Matrix Modified class it was Xray`s Bruno Coelho who had a decent start into the final day here in the Netherlands. Coelho had a perfect first lap and was able to open a small gap between his Hobbywing powered Xray and Völker`s LRP powered Mugen Seiki car. Third place starter Yannic Prümper used his Dash power to follow Völker very closely in the first laps of the race. But as Yannic had Hagberg and Rheinard in his rear-view mirror as well, Völker and Coelho were able to check out in the front.
After some laps, it looked like Völker found a good rhythm as he could reduce his gap to Coelho by a couple of tenths. But as Völker was up on two wheels in front of the driver stand in lap 9, he lost that time again and Bruno was able to win A1 tone to tone after a very impressive run from pole position.
Marc Rheinard (Awesomatix) finished third after a very intense battle with Prümper and Hagberg. In the end of A1, Antoine Brunet (Xray) finished fourth and Christopher Krapp (Yokomo) fifth while Prümper and Hagberg dropped back to the end of the field.

Asked about his run, race winner Bruno Coelho said:

I was surprised about the huge traction the track had this morning. My car felt really good and I could benefit from that in the opening laps of the race. I tried to control the gap to Völker and after he had a little mistake, I had some more breathing room and won the first final which is always very helpful!

Bruno Coelho, Xray/Hobbywing

Second place finisher Ronald Völker also had a quick chat with us:

After the start I lost some ground to Bruno in the opening lap. But then I got back into a very good rhythm and tried to create some pressure. After I was on two wheels in front of the driver stand the gap was too big and I had to settle for second in the end.   

Ronald Völker, Mugen Seiki/LRP

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Xray ProStock

A1 goes to Benson

Tim Benson (Mugen Seiki) took the win in A1 of the Xray ProStock class here on Sunday morning at ETS RD3 in Apeldoorn. He was able to open up a small gap in the beginning as Duchet (Xray) and Lauter (Awesomatix) had a nice fight for second and third.
After Duchet had a mistake, Simon Lauter was able to close the gap to Benson but in the end, he ran out of time and Tim Benson won the race – a perfect start into the triple A-Mains for him.
Lukas Ellerbrock (Xray), Frederik Mikkelsen (Awesomatix) and Martin Hofer (Awesomatix) vompleted the top5.

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Schulz resists Olsens pressure to win A1

In the Hobbywing Frontwheel class, top qualifier Stefan Schulz took the win in A1 in front of his rival Steven Olsen. Schulz was leading the race after a good start from his pole position and Olsen kept the pressure as high as possible during the entire run. In the last minute the gap between them was around 0.5 seconds but Olsen never got into the position to start a serious attack as Schulz simply made no mistakes in the front.
Mischa Kroos crossed the line in third position in front of Manuel Stankowitz (4) and Jacques Libar (5). Can Olsen turn it to his favor in A2 or will Schulz seal the win to take over the championship lead in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class?

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Orca 17.5 Stock

Reile cruises to easy A1 win

In the first A-Main of the Orca 17.5 Stock class the pole setter Dominik Reile was able to take the win from the pole position with a comfortable gap of 6.2 seconds ahead of Daniel Pöhlmann and Maximilian Unterschütz who moved up from 6th on the grid to the third spot. David Kuschnarew and Thomas Bemmerl completed the top 5 in A1 of the Orca 17.5 Stock class here in Apeldoorn!

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Infinity 40+ Masters

A1 goes to Mateo

Toni Mateo took A1 of the ToniSport 40+ Masters class on Sunday morning. Toni was able to take the lead after TQ and local hero Elibert Sievers had some trouble in the opening laps. Mateo was in control of the race until the end and took a nice win in front of Manuel Stankowitz and Thomas Oehler who had a good run from the six up to the three. Torsten Baggendorf crossed the line in fourth position and Flavio Paladin finished fifth in the first A-Main.
Let`s see if Sievers can fight back in A2 to keep the race for the win wide open!

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Scorpion Formula

Miedema converts pole into A1 win

The first A-Main of the Scorpion Formula class saw top qualifier Jitse Miedema taking the win in front of Bram Lagerwey who had an amazing start from the fourth to the second position in lap 1. Jitse Miedema was stretching out his lead a little bit during the run and created himself a perfect situation for A2.
Behind Miedema and Lagerwey it was Jan Ratheisky (3), Robin van Gog and Renè Kölbel rounding up the top 5 in A1 of the Scorpion Formula class.

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