RC-Manager Game Rules

The RC-Manager explained in 6 easy steps:

  1. Create an account at https://www.ets.racing/user-profile/register/
  2. 3 days before an ETS race the drivers who will participate in the race will be put online
  3. For all registered team managers the budget will be topped up to 25.000EUR. An info email will be sent to all participants as well
  4. The team manager can add the drivers to his team at https https://www.ets.racing/drivers-market/
    • Button [Add to your team]
    • Potential new team drivers => Button [Proceed to finish the deal]
    • Check if everything is ok => Button [Add the drivers to your team] and the driver is yours
  5. In my own account under “My Team Purchases” I can see which drivers I have added to the team. Here I can also see the live points of my team
  6. The current ranking of all team managers in the overall ranking can be found easily and quickly here: https://www.ets.racing/rc-manager/rankinglist-team-manager/


At the start of each ETS race you have a total budget of 25,000 EURO at your disposal. Your team consists of a total of 8 drivers. The team manager must select at least one driver from each class.

The rule is easy: max 8 drivers, 1 per class, 2 additional, but max. 2 drivers per class

After each race the data will be analyzed, calculated and the points will be updated. It takes place quasi a live-calculation. Up to approx. 30min before the timed practice or seeding, the drivers can be added to a team or removed again. Two weeks before the next ETS race all teams will be deleted. The experienced points of the drivers remain of course for the team manager. The team points are added up per race and credited to the team manager.


The initial budget for RD6 in Wiener Neustadt is 25.000 EURO for a total of 8 drivers. Based on the performance of the drivers, a new market value calculation is made after each race.


Ein Rennwochenende startet bei einem ETS-Rennen mit dem freien Training und endet in der Regel am Sonntag mit den Finalläufen. Was für Läufe gibt es:

  • Free practise
  • Timed practise or also called seeding
  • Qualifications
  • Finals


The ETS drivers can receive additional points. The additional points are listed in these tables: https://www.ets.racing/rc-manager/rcm-points-scoring/


At the latest with the start of the seeding it is no longer possible for the team manager to add or also remove drivers to his team. The purchase function “Add to your team” will be deactivated.

Points Scoring

The experienced points result from the real race data of the drivers of the respective ETS run. The ETS drivers can receive additional points (e.g. for the fastest lap). The scoring and the additional points are listed in these tables:https://www.ets.racing/rc-manager/rcm-points-scoring/


The results are processed shortly after each run and the data is updated. We access the data from the MyRCM.ch platform for this purpose. Due to the access and processing it can take 2-3min per run until all information is updated.

Replacement Driver

If a driver does not take part in the race for whatever reason, despite being registered and listed as a participant in the ETS race, there is no possibility of changing this driver at short notice during the race. With the lock after the free practice we have already deliberately chosen the optimal time.

Postponed and Cancelled Sessions

Due to weather conditions and other influences at outdoor races it can happen that race courses change. We will of course try to take this into account as best as possible during the race and adjust the data.


Under certain unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to delays, cancellations, natural disasters, acts of God or other unforeseen circumstances, the scoring structure for the affected ETS races may be modified to appropriately reflect the unforeseen circumstances. ETS penalties affecting drivers’ qualifying, start or finish positions will be applied and updated within 72 hours of such a decision.