RC-Manager FAQs


What is RC Manager?

The game is based on the same idea as for example F1 Fantasy or Kickbase. The team managers buy a team from the current entries from the respective ETS race. The participants (RC drivers) get points according to the respective overall ranking from the seeding, qualification and finals. Additionally there are some special points which can be experienced. The sum of the points then results in the total score of the team manager and this point value is then reflected in the overall ranking over all team managers.

How can I play?

Currently we are still in a test phase where only a select group of players can participate. The goal is to go online for all players worldwide in season #16 2023/24. Then all you need to do is register at: https://www.ets.racing/user-profile/register/ and then enter your surname, first name and e-mail address. And you’re ready to go!

Does it cost anything to play?


Will my e-mail address be sold to third parties for advertising purposes?

No. Your personal data will not be sold. In addition, only the surname, first name and e-mail address are required to play. Address data will not be collected

Is there anything to win?

Yes, this is planned and will be announced as soon as we have passed the test phase.

Why is there no app for the smartphone from the RC-Manager?

The idea is not to require anyone to install an app to participate in the RC Manager. With a web application via the ETS website, I can also participate via a PC. To that, we are less technologically dependent on a particular operating system or vendor.

The drivers all have a price. How does that come about or how do you calculate it?

The calculation is very simple and 100% transparent:

  1. The average value of the driver’s points earned so far is taken.
  2. For each run in which the driver has not participated, there is a 5% deduction from the average value.
  3. At the start of the new season, the average value is calculated over the entire season.
  4. Thus all entries in a class have a value and there is a corresponding ranking list. On the basis of the ranking the allocation of the value takes place
  5. From place 25 the value is 1.000EUR
  6. This is also valid for drivers who are new or for the first time in the season in a class. Then the value is also 1.000EUR
  7. Table see: https://www.ets.racing/rc-manager-marktwertberechnung/

Team Handling

Can I have more than one team?

No, currently (and this is true for the entire #16 2023/24 season) there will only be the option to create one team.

How do I remove a driver from my team?

During the test phase, removing a driver is done as follows:

  1. My Account and then under My Team Purchases.
  2. Is there a button on the right [Remove from team].
  3. Assign a 1 to the desired driver under “Return” and press [Send].
  4. The budget will be increased again according to the value of the driver

Why so complicated? Especially during the test phase we have to make sure that the money transfer processes work properly. By the time we go live, it will be possible to remove with one click later.