Matrix Modified

Coelho wins it for Xray

Bruno Coelho is the overall winner in the Matrix Modified class making it a perfect debut for the new Xray X4 touring car platform. Bruno had another great start into the second final and was able to maintain his gap of around 1.0 seconds ahead of Völker until he crossed the finish line.

Völker (Mugen Seiki) was not able to close the gap which Coelho opened in the first laps, but he pushed hard to make it happen. In the end Völker booked another second place in front of Yannic Prümper (Yokomo), Christopher Krapp (Yokomo) and Antoine Brunet (Xray).
In the middle of the race we saw a very unlucky situation between Rheinard, Hagberg and Krapp which cost Hagberg a lot of positions and Rheinard got a stop and go penalty which also was not neccessary as the critical contact was not only between Marc and Alex – terrible luck for all of the guys in this racing situation. The referree apologized to Marc for the stop and go penalty as he saw that giving the penalty was a mistake – great sportsmanship in the end!
With Coelho sitting out A3 after already walking away with the overall win, the fight for second spot is still alive between Völker and Prümper and we can expect another exciting race in A3 of the Matrix Modified class.

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Xray ProStock

Lauter takes A2 after dramatic last lap

The second leg of A-Mains in the Xray ProStock class was a thriller until the last corner when Simon Lauter (Awesomatix) made an amazing pass on race leader Tim Benson (Mugen Seiki). But let`s start at the beginning. Tim Benson had a great start and behind him, Simon Lauter saw Alexandre Duchet (Xray) pushing hard once again. After the first couple of laps Duchet made a mistake and was on the grass with 2 wheels which allowed Simon Lauter to focus on race leader Benson again.
Lauter then closed the 0.6 second gap all the way down to 0.1 seconds and in the last lap Benson had not the perfect entry onto the main straight. They went into the chicane side by side and Lauter gave Benson enough space just to pass him in the following teardrop after the chicane only some meters in front of the finish line to win a dramatic second final. Alexandre Duchet also found his way by Benson on the last meters to take second place.

A2 winner Simon Lauter told us after the run:

I had so many close “second places” in my last races and this time I tried everything to make it happen. In the end it was an amazing fight until the last lap with the better end for me this time. Now I am looking forward to A3 where I will go “All In” again!

Simon Lauter, Awesomatix / LRP

Behind Lauter, Duchet and Benson it was Lukas Ellerbrock (Xray) and Jan Ratheisky (Xray) completing the top 5. We are looking forward to the deciding third A-Main where Benson, Lauter and Duchet will fight for the overall win at ETS RD3 in the Netherlands.

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Schulz victorious in Apeldoorn

Stefan Schulz is the overall winner in the Hobbywing Frontwheel drive class at ETS RD3. He had another strong race on the track of the AMCA Apeldoorn and took A2 with 0.3 seconds in front of Steven Olsen who also showed a strong performance once again. It looks like we will have a close fight between Olsen and Schulz for the ETS championship title until the very end of the season.

FWD winner Stefan Schulz was really delighted after his win and said:

It was a clean run from my side in A2 but I always felt the pressure from Steven who performed so strong this weekend again. Racing with him is always fair and on a very high level and I have to compliment him for his driving. Now I took over the lead in the championship and I hope that I can stay on top until the end!

Stefan Schulz, Xray

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Orca 17.5 Stock

Reile breaks Bemmerl`s winning streak

After Thomas Bemmerl was on a winning streak in the last 3 ETS races, Dominik Reile finally broke up Bemmerl`s amazing series with taking A2 and the overall win in the Orca 17.5 Stock class here in Apeldoorn. Reile took advantage of his first starting position again and took it from tone to tone in front of Daniel Pöhlmann, who crossed the line 2.1 seconds behind Reile.
David Kuschnarew (3), Thomas Bemmerl (4) and Felix Schneider (5) completed the top 5 in A2.

We talked to Dominik Reile after his first ever win at the ETS:

Before the second final I tried to stay fucussed as I was more nervous on the line. But as soon as the race started everything went perfect for me as the guys behind me were fighting with each other. My goal for the rest of the run was to just keep the rubber on the tarmac and staying away from the curbs. It feels really amazing to win a race at such a high level of competition and I am super happy!

Dominik Reile, Awesomatix

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Infinity 40+ Masters

Sievers fights back in A2

After having a bad first final (9), Elibert Sievers took the second leg of A-Mains in the ToniSport 40+ Masters class. He was able to lead for the entire race but he had to stay calm as A1 winner Toni Mateo was all over him. In the last laps Mateo tried everything but there was no way by the car of Elibert Sievers. We will see the decision about the overall win in A3 and it will be all between Sievers, Stankowitz and Mateo.

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Scorpion Formula

Miedema seals the deal in A2

After the second leg of A-Mains in the Scorpion Formula class, Dutch driver Jitse Miedema is the overall winner after another brilliant drive from his pole position. Jitse took A2 with 3.7 seconds ahead of Jan Ratheisky, Herbert Weber (3), Renè Kölbel (4), Bram Lagerwey (5) and Chris Grenz (6) while David Ehrbar had another tough run finishing only in sixth position.

Jitse Miedema was very happy after taking thw win in the Scorpion Formula class and told us in a quick chat:

My start in A2 was excellent as the rear tires had been in the perfect temperature window – I just punched it and had a clean run afterwards. My teammate Robin van Gog also had a good start and was running second for a while which helped me to stretch out my lead lap after lap. I am very happy about my third ETS race win in the Formula class and it is great to win a race in my home country here this weekend!

Jitse Miedema, Infinity

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