In the Scorpion Formula class, we will see foam tires for the first time at the ETS. Since the introduction of the Formula class at the Euro Touring Series in 2012, the class is well-known, and we saw some great racing in all these years. Since the first Formula race in 2012, the Formula cars always used rubber tires from Ride or Volante at the ETS.

Foam tires the only option

With all our tire suppliers not being able to deliver rubber tires for the formula class due to raw material shortages, the ETS had not a lot of choices to find an alternative. We talked to our touring car tire supplier Matrix, and they showed their interest in producing a special “ETS Formula Foam Tire” for us immediately. As foam tires have different material requirements during production, the supply of tires will be guaranteed.

Jan Ratheisky the main test driver

The most successful Formula driver in the history of the ETS is Jan Ratheisky. He is helping us with testing the tires and we will use his feedback to develop the best possible foam tire for the ETS Formula class. Jan loves formula racing and you can count on his knowledge and his interest to get the best tire for everybody in this class.

Performance and Handling of foam tires

As everybody knows, foam tires have a different handling on track – especially on carpet. We will test the Matrix foam tires meticulous to provide you the best possible Formula experience at the ETS. We are working on this project with high pressure and our main goal is a tire which is easy to drive. The tire additive for the Formula class will stay the same  – MR33 V3 on asphalt and MR44 V4 on carpet!

Tires to be available soon

We are still in the final stages of testing, but we are optimistic that the new ETS foam tires for the formula class will be available very soon – we will keep you updated!