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Let’s talk about – what the hell was that?

For the season finale in Daun, we launched the new format “Let’s talk about”. The idea came about just four weeks before the race and therefore also includes a lot of improvisation.

We want the videos to be more up-to-date, more modern and even closer to the race. The presentation has been deliberately chosen to be more funky/shrill. We want to be a little provocative, poke at wounds and ask cheeky questions. Of course, we will not expose anyone. Of course, we will also capture the statements of the riders. All viewers and readers should get the feeling of being at the race.

Do we claim to produce glossy videos? No. It will still be a little shaky and sometimes out of focus. The aim is to be “in the thick of things instead of just being there”, which was once the claim of a former TV sports channel. The format should not be a flash in the pan. We will now accompany every ETS race in this way and, if necessary, expand the content.

Let’s talk about – more O-Ton doesn’t work

We want to know how you like the new format. So feel free to leave your comments below the Facebook post or send us an email to: mediateam@ets.racing

ETS media team