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Equipment Charts – what have we done with the data?

During the last season, we have been torturing you from time to time with putting your equipment on the ETS page. Sometimes with more, sometimes with less success. So that you can finally see what our actual idea behind the “data collection” is, we have evaluated some data from season #15. These evaluations are based on the data from ETS round 1 to 5.


As you would expect, Awesomatix takes a dominant position with over 45% of the touring cars. Followed by XRAY with 23.8% and in 3rd place is Mugen Seiki with 15.9%. Tamiya has its firm fanbase with just under 4% . Yokomo is constant over the season at just slightly under 5%. It will be exciting to see how the chassis statistics will develop in the new season. Yokomo and IRIS (Ruddog) have intensively recruited drivers and enlarged their teams. Also, the current non-participation of the three top XRAY drivers logically has an impact on the data and would increase the XRAY shares by a good 3-4% if they participate.
We also know that some drivers are running ARC cars for example. It is only when drivers have not entered any data, we are unable to make any corresponding analysis.


In terms of the LiPo batteries in use, we saw a “blue (and black) is better” dominance with LRP and Nosram taking the top spots. On positions 2 to 5 it is a four-way fight between Gens ace, Intellect, ORCA and Sunpadow. Ruddog follows at some distance, but with a clear upwards trend at the end of the season. All other manufacturers are below the 1% mark.
The data currently does not allow us to reliably distinguish between indoor and outdoor races in terms of battery capacity. What we would like to see, of course. We can state that over 75% of the battery capacities are between 5800-6500 mAh and 7500-8200 mAh.

Body Shells

Even we are not immune to mistakes. In RD5 we have indeed forgotten to deposit the ZooRacing Wolverine Max 0.7. For this reason we also assume that not “everyone” used the 0.5 version in Hann. Münden.
While at the beginning of the season bodies like the ZooRacing Anti or Blitz shells from the previous season still played a role, with the appearance of the Protoform P63 a three-way fight with Xtreme and ZooRacing has developed. Whereby ZooRacing, of course, has an average market share of over 50% and thus clearly leads the field.
While Protoform played almost no role in season #14, the P63 was a surprise hit from RD3 to the end of Season #15.
It will be exciting, when the “veteran body shells” ZooRacing Wolverine, Protoform P63 and Xtreme Twister (Speciale) have to defend themselves against newcomers like Eptron, ZERO2 and Redhawk.
With Lens Bodies, a new body manufacturer will come into play from RD2 in Aigen-Schlägl. Will Lens Bodies manage a similar surprise coup as Protoform?

Are we doing it all for ourselves?
No. Many outside our “ETS bubble” are interested in what material the drivers use. We must not forget the newcomers, who also want to know who uses which material on which track. And last but not least, out ETS supporting companies are interested to find out about their product

Only the A-Main drivers should enter their data?
No. We want to address every ETS racer. Not just the top 10/11 in the A-Main and thus the fancy table in the postings. It would be really great if everyone could take 30 seconds to enter their data.
There is now a new menu item under “My Account” calles “Equipment Charts” so that you can easily find your way to the 5 form fields even more easily. From Aigen-Schlägl onwards, we will also improve the mobile view so that it is super easy to distinguish the respective event.

No formula, nothing to see about Frontis!
Yes, we would have liked to provide evaluations at this point. But from our point of view, the data is so “poor” that it would have been more like reading a crystal ball. Therefore, we ask you again: Take 30 seconds and fill out the Equipment Charts form when you have finished seeding. You don’t have to type, just select from the drop down menu.
If we have a representative amount of data, we’ll be really keen to work out a short evaluation for everyone after each run.

Thank you for your help and cooperation. See you trackside!

Your ETS Media Team