Matrix Modified

Brunet wins A3 to secure second overall

Antoine Brunet was on a mission in A3 as he wanted to secure the second overall position here at the first race of the new ETS season. He was leading the race tone to tone and got everything together with Marc Rheinard and Christopher Krapp hunting him down till the end of the run.

The overall Top 10 of the Matrix Modified class:

  1. Ronald Völker (Mugen Seiki, LRP)  
  2. Antoine Brunet (Xray, Hobbywing)
  3. Marc Rheinard (Awesomatix, Orca)
  4. Christopher Krapp (Yokomo, Racing Performer)
  5. Marco Kaufmann (Xray)
  6. Yannic Prümper (Yokomo, Dash)
  7. Lucas Urbain (Awesomatix, Orca)
  8. Michal Orlowski (Schumacher, LRP)
  9. Robert Pietsch (Mugen Seiki, LRP)
  10. Eric Dankel (Mugen Seiki, Hobbywing)
  11. Tim Wahl (Awesomatix, Orca)

Winner B-Main: Thimo Weissbauer
Winner C-Main: Frederik Hovgaard

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Xray ProStock

Ratheisky takes A3 for an overall Xray 1-2

With Duchet sitting out A3 after bringing home the overall victory in A2, it was Jan Ratheisky who could take most out of the last leg with his A3 win in front of Louis Kretschmer (2) and Enrico Jung (3).

The overall Top 10 of the Xray ProStock class:

  1. Alexandre Duchet (Xray)
  2. Jan Ratheisky (Xray)
  3. Simon Lauter (Awesomatix)
  4. Louis Kretschmer (Awesomatix)
  5. Max Mächler (Awesomatix)
  6. Enrico Jung (Yokomo)
  7. Alex Kunkler (Mugen Seiki)
  8. Frederik Mikkelsen (Awesomatix)
  9. Valentin Hettrich (Awesomatix)
  10. Lukas Ellerbrock (Xray)
  11. Nicolai Lindegaard (Schumacher)

Winner B-Main: Olivier Bultynck
Winner C-Main: Richard Oversloot
Winner D-Main: Dave Lunenburg

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Heitsch takes A3

Henrik Heitsch won the last A-Main of the FWD class in front of Stefan Schulz and Kevin Sparbier. With Heitsch winning in front of Schulz, they will step onto the podium in second and third beside overall race winner Steven Olsen.

The overall Top 10 of the Hobbywing Frontwheel class:

  1. Steven Olsen
  2. Henrik Heitsch
  3. Stefan Schulz
  4. Kevin Sparbier
  5. Sebastian Meibörg
  6. Jaques Libar
  7. Simon Stegmeier
  8. Patrick Müller
  9. Sören Sparbier
  10. Max Weffers
  11. Ulrich Dinger

Winner B-Main: Karsten Bartsch
Winner C-Main: Christian Sandner
Winner D-Main: Michael Kieber

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Stock 17.5

Pöhlmann takes A3 to finish second

In A3 of the 17.5 Stock class, Daniel Pöhlmann took the win in front of Felix Schneider and Joachim Altenhof.

The overall Top 10 of the 17.5 Stock class:

  1. Thomas Bemmerl
  2. Daniel Pöhlmann
  3. Dominik Reile
  4. Joachim Altenhof
  5. Roman Borschel
  6. Alexander Müller
  7. Felix Schneider
  8. Maximilian Unterschütz
  9. Klaus Waldmann
  10. Dominik Ruf
  11. David Kuschnarew

Winner B-Main: Domenic Grabher
Winner C-Main: Michael Lipperheide

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Infinity 40+ Masters

Second overall goes to Dinger

Ulrich Dinger was the winner of A-Main 3 in the Infinity 40+ Masters division. He won A3 in front of Mirco Thalheimer and Caspar Morgen, The A3 result finally brought Caspar Morgen into second, and Mirco Thalheimer into third overall.

The overall Top 10 of the Infinity 40+ Masters class:

  1. Soren Boy Holst
  2. Caspar Morgen
  3. Mirco Thalheimer
  4. Thomas Oehler
  5. Ulrich Dinger
  6. Ingo Braun
  7. Manuel Stankowitz
  8. Christian Müller
  9. Karsten Bartsch
  10. Werner Schmitzer
  11. Thorsten Baggendorf

Winner B-Main: Christian Drießle
Winner C-Main: Holger Wittek

Scorpion Formula

Ehrbar secures second overall with A3 win

The last run of the Formula class saw David Ehrbar taking the win from Renè Kölbel and Herbert Weber. Ehrbar will step on the second place of the podium beside winner Ratheisky, Renè Kölbel finished third overall.

The overall Top 10 of the Scorpion Formula class:

  1. Jan Ratheisky
  2. David Ehrbar
  3. Renè Kölbel
  4. Herbert Weber
  5. Olivier Bultynck
  6. Chris Grenz
  7. Patrik Sadrinna
  8. Michael Wojcik
  9. Luka Jovicic
  10. Tim Benson
  11. Markus Gruene

Winner B-Main: Thomas Schröder

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