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Under the Hood – David Ehrbar`s EF1 Formula Car

David Ehrbar is running his new EF1 Forumla car here for the first time at the ETS. The car, which he designed by himself, is only existing seven times now and he is happy with the actual performance on track.
A lot of EF1 parts are made from a very durable glass and carbon fibre reinforced, and 3D printed material. The EF1 features a one-piece front stiffener with a topdeck construction. Compared to many other formula cars, the EF1 has no traditional side springs. Instead of the more conventional side springs, David installed leaf springs left and right for a more precise handling.

The battery gets installed into the EF1 from the bottom side of the chassis and is fixed with just one screw for easy access. The battery is positioned inline with a little bit of offset to allow a nice and clean installation of the electronic components in combination with a perfect weight balance.
The rear end of the EF1 features a single center ball bearing to keep the rear pod in position without using side links.

David uses these components in his car:

Body Shell: Montech
Speedo: Scorpion Formula (Handout)
Motor: Scorpion Formula (Handout)
Battery: Gens Ace Red Line 5100mah
Radio: Sanwa M17
Servo: Sanwa PGS – LH2
Tires: RIDE (Handout)
Sponsors: Ehrbar Engineering, Gens Ace, Montech

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