Analyse your runs at home

Shortly after a racing weekend, a lot of drivers re-think about their heats on track!
What happened? How did my car look on track? Was it my mistake – or the other guy’s fault? How to improve my racing skills for the next race? Where to attack harder next time?
Now you have the chance to review your runs from ETS RD1 Season #14 2021/22 at Arena33 in Andernach to see what happened in your runs. Take the chance to review and learn more about your own racing as the next ETS race will be on the same asphalt again!

PullstartTV with recorded streams on YouTube

With PullstartTV uploading the streams from the event in Andernach to their YouTube channel, you have an easy access to the recordings of all days. Some runs are missing in the stream due to interruptions of the internet connection at Arena33, but in the end you will find almost every run you did at ETS RD1.

Chapters for easy navigation   

The team at PullstartTV dreated chapters for each day which makes it way easier to find your runs in the day long videos on YouTube. Every round of qualifying is separated from each other, and you can easily see that when you move the time bar of the video forward or backwards.
For the finals it is even better – all finals are separated, and you can navigate to your run and enjoy it again!

The ETS is happy to have PullstartTV as our partner at Arena33 and there will be a great coverage again when ETS RD2 Season #14 2021/22 will happen there from 12th – 15th of August 2021.

Here you find all days, chapters and races:

Thursday, 15.07.2021 Free Practice 6

Friday, 16.07.2021 Controlled Practice & Q1–Q2

Saturday, 17.07.2021 Q3-Q4 & Finals Rd1

Sunday, 18.07.2021 Finald Rd2 & Rd3