The second round of qualifying here in Apeldoorn was delayed by two hours as the track and the whole area around the AMCA Apeldoorn was covered with intense fog and moisture in the morning. It took a while for the sun to break through the haze but once the moisture was gone it was time for Q2 for all the six racing classes here at ETS RD3 Season #14 2021/22. As yesterday evening`s first round of qualifying saw some very intense battles, all drivers pushed even harder this morning in the second round to score another good result!

Matrix Modified

Another win for Coelho

In the Matrix Modified class we saw Bruno Coelho (Xray) taking the win after he scored maximum points in Q1 on Friday evening as well. Bruno was leading the race during the entire time and Ronald Völker (Mugen Seiki) followed him with a gap between 0.4 and 0.7 seconds until the end of the run to score another second place.
Yokomo`s Yannic Prümper was right on Völker`s tail and crossed the line in third position another 0.5 seconds back. Marc Rheinard (Awesomatix) and Christopher Krapp (Yokomo) roundet up the top 5 in Q2 of the Matrix Modified class.
We head into round three with a lot of excitement as Coelho will have the chance to save the overall TQ for the finals. But with Völker, Prümper and Rheinard there are still hard contenders on track and they all will try to find that extra percent on their cars to steal the TQ away from Coelho in the last 2 rounds of qualifying.

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Xray ProStock

Duchet from Kunkler and Mikkelsen in Q2

Alexandre Duchet was taking maximum advantage in Q2 as he was able to lay down a perfect run here in Apeldoorn. His fastest lap (15.786) was the fastest of the race as well and shows that Duchet is back in the game after not having perfect run on Friday evening.
Behind Duchet, the fight between the others was close again and Alex Kunkler was able to cross the line in second after a great run. Frederik Mikkelsen posted the third fastest time out of the second fastest group and Jan Ratheisky (4) and Max Mächler(5) completed the top 5 here in the second round of qualifying in the Xray ProStock class.

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Kroos takes Q2 from Stankowitz and Delisè

The second round of qualifying in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class saw Mischa Kroos taking the win at the end of the run in the fastest group. In the first minutes of the race, Steven Olsen and Stefan Schulz were leading the race and after Schulz had to retire his car in lap number 4 it looked like an easy win for Olsen. But when Steven had some trouble as well in lap 13 it was Mischa Kroos who took advantage of that, winning the heat in front of Manuel Stankowitz and Nicolas Delisè. Henrik Heitsch (4) and Jacques Libar (5) completed the top 5.
Mischa Kroos is on top of the Hobbywing Frontwheel class after two rounds of qualifying and we are looking forward to Q3 and Q4 when the fight for the TQ will still be alive between Kroos, Schulz and round 1 TQ Olsen.

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Stock 17.5

Another TQ run from Reile

The second round of qualifying in the Orca 17.5 Stock class saw Dominik Reile laying down another strong TQ run. Daniel Pöhlmann and Thomas Bemmerl were chasing the leader during the whole run, but Reile took the win 2 seconds ahead of them. With Reile now having the best shot for the overall TQ after he won round one and two, the pressure now is on Pöhlmann and Bemmerl who are looking to be Reile`s strongest contenders.
Behind Reile, Pöhlmann and Bemmerl it was David Kuschnarew and Maximilian Unterschütz who completed the top 5 in Q2 here on Saturday morning. The next round will be an important one for Dominik Reile as he can secure the overall TQ with another good run.  

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ToniSport 40+ Masters
Sievers again in Q2

In the ToniSport 40+ Masters class it was once again Elibert Sievers on top of the board. He won the heat 0.8 seconds in front of Torsten Baggendorf in second and Manuel Stankowitz in third position. Toni Mateo and Andy Kühne completed the top five in the second round of qualifying!
With the top 5 being together very close in terms of their fastest laps it shows that they all have the potential to be on top when they get together a perfect run. Right now, it is Elibert Sievers with the best chances for the overall TQ as he just needs some good points in Q3 to seal the deal!

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Scorpion Formula

Ehrbar fights back in Q2

After finishing second in the opening round on Friday evening, David Ehrbar took the win in round 2 of qualifying in front of Jitse Miedema and Q1 winner Jan Ratheisky. Robin van Gog had a fast run to take fourth for the round in front of Chris Grenz who crossed the line in fifth position.
With Ratheisky and Ehrbar each having a win on their score card they have the best chances for the overall TQ. But as Jitse Miedema is on the same level of pace with a second and third place out of the first two rounds he will try his very best to steal the TQ away from Ratheisky and Ehrbar in Q3 and Q4.

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Round 3 of qualifying will be up next!
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