Matrix Modified

Manzo takes sensational win in eventful A1

The first A-Main of the Matrix Modified class was fully packed with action, and as Michele Manzo (Awesomatix) crossed the finish line, the crowd went crazy. But first things first: Directly after the start, Marc Rheinard (Awesomatix) was on the tail of Bruno Coelho (Xray) and made early pressure on the Portuguese driver. But after a small contact between Rheinard and Coelho, where both lost time and positions, it was Michele Manzo on top of the field – followed by Ronald Völker (Mugen Seiki).
As Völker was not able to close the gap to Manzo, Rheinard and Coelho came closer to Völkers car at the 3-minute mark. After Coelho touched Völker`s car a little bit in the infield section, Völker was able to continue without any problems but for Coelho it ended with an unlucky body tuck letting him drop down to P5. Rheinard then closed the gap to Völker and was able to pass him in the last minute of the race. But as Rheinard was running out of time, he was not able to get close enough to Manzo anymore and had to take second place. But with the fastest lap of the race going to his favour, Rheinard can be optimistic for tomorrows A2 and A3.
It was an eventful race with a lot going on, and Michele Manzo celebrated his first ever A-main win at an ETS race with a loud and well-deserved shoutout!

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Xray ProStock

A1 goes to Awesomatix and Lauter

Simon Lauter (Awesomatix) took full advantage of his pole position and took the win in A1 from tone to tone. Behind him, the running order was Alexandre Duchet (Xray) in second and Max Mächler (Awesomatix) in third. Max tried everything to close the gap to Duchet but in the end they crossed the line as they started off the grid. Jan Ratheisky (Xray) and Berkan Kilic (Mugen Seiki) completed the top 5 in A1 of the Xray ProStock class here at ETS RD4 in Neumünster.

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Hobbywing Frontwheel

Schulz takes A1 after a clinic run on Chuck`s Raceway

A1 of the Hobbywing Frontwheel class saw a freight train of four cars pulling away from the field. Stefan Schulz was leading, with Marvin Fritschler, Steven Olsen and Jonas Völker in toe. These four guys stayed together really close over the entire run and it was amazing to watch some frontwheel drive racing at the highest level. Stefan Schulz showed how strong his nerves are and was standing his ground until he crossed the finish line. Let`s find out tomorrow, if somebody can attack Stefan Schulz in A2 or A3

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Orca 17.5 Stock

Pöhlmann resists tremendous pressure from Bemmerl and takes A1

Daniel Pöhlmann had to pass kind of a final exam this evening here in A1 of the Orca 17.5 Stock class. Thomas Bemmerl was right on his tail over the most time of the run and Pöhlmann was able to stay calm and finally resists the pressure in a thrilling A1. Daniel Pöhlmann had a gap of 1.8 seconds as he crossed the finish line because Bemmerl had a small traction roll in the very ast lap but this entire run was great to watch – excellent driving in the Orca 17.5 Stock class.
Jan Gehrig finished third in A1 and Dominik Reile and Kevin Schmid completed the top 5.

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ToniSport 40+ Masters

Mateo recovers from a bad start and wins A1

Toni Mateo had a terrible first lap in A1 as he spun around two times what caused a huge chaos behind him. But somehow, Mateo was able to move up through the field again and chased the race leader Ulrich Dinger. Frank Fuchs improved his fifth starting position and finished on a strong third place. In the front, Toni Mateo was able to pass Ulrich Dinger in the last minute of the race to take the win in A1 after having this kind of a bad start.

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Scorpion Formula

Ratheisky continues where he stopped in qualifying

The first A-Main of the Scproion Formula class was a parade as the top 7 didn`t change any positions. Pole setter Jan Ratheisky took the win in front of René Kölbel and Sören Sparbier.

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