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Scotty Ernst to be back at the ETS in Aigen, AUT

After a long period of not being able to fly over to Europe, Scotty Ernst will be back in the circle of the ETS family. Together with Uwe Rheinard, Scotty started the Euro Touring Series 15 years ago, and brought so much enjoyment and action to the world of onroad RC racing.

RD2 in Aigen will see Scotty back at the Euro Touring Series

Now, he finally will be back to announce RD2 of Season #15 2022/23 in Aigen Austria. The whole ETS crew is super happy that Scotty will be with us again, and in the same moment we like to thank Phil Richter, Bjarne Hollund, Oli Meggitt and Patrick Beck for helping us out and announcing ETS races in the last 2 years.

Here is a short statement from Scotty, and a video message to the whole ETS family as well!

Some numbers to think about.  

891 Days

127 Weeks

29  Months

You are wondering what all those numbers mean…….This is how long it has been since I have been to an ETS all because of the Covid. It is hard to imagine that ETS Daun Feb 2020 was my last event and it has been so difficult for me not being able to be part of our legendary series for so long.  Thankfully that will all be changing very soon! We are proud to announce that I will be making my return to the ETS for the July Austria event. I cannot wait to see so many of our friends that we have made over the past 15 seasons and share with all of you the love we have for racing in the ETS.  I am excited to bring back my style of commentary, excitement and passion for racing that has helped make the ETS the amazing series it is. So we hope you can make plans to join us for what will be a great event at a beautiful track and together we will go racing “on the sound of the tone!”

See you soon, 


THE reason to sign up for ETS RD2 in Aigen

If you have not signed up for the race in Aigen, it is time to do this right now. Scotty will be there and will announce all the races in his world famous and unique style. Maximum entertainment is guaranteed and for everybody who has never raced with Scotty as an announcer, the race in Aigen is a MUST GO for you.

Scotty, Uwe, and the whole ETS crew are looking forward to see you in Austria in July!