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ETS YOUNG TALENTS – Interview with Elena Fuchs

Young talents are important for every sport around the globe – and so it is also in the world of RC racing. For our second “Young Talents” Interview, we are happy to have Elena Fuchs with us. Elena is one of the fastest ladies at the ETS and during RD1 in Apeldoorn we took the chance to ask her about her life and her passion about radio-controlled cars.

ETS – Hello Elena, nice to welcome you here in Apeldoorn at the start of the new ETS season. How are you doing and how did you use the time between the two ETS seasons?

Elena – I would have loved to do a bit more RC car racing, not only because the hobby is so much fun, but also to improve my skills. However, school has priority at the moment as I’m in the middle of my A-level preparations.

ETS – You’ve been competing regularly in the Euro Touring Series for quite a while now. Last season you even made it to the A-finals twice in the 17.5 Stock class, finishing eighth in both. How satisfied are you with your races last season?

Elena – Of course I was overwhelmed by the success. However, I also know that there is still a long way to go to reach the top and there is still a big gap to close.

ETS – Your father, Frank Fuchs, has been racing RC cars for many years. When did you start driving RC cars, and how did it come about that you wanted to compete with the best at the Euro Touring Series?

Elena – To compete with the best? That really wasn’t my motivation at first. More like “being there is everything.” But I was able to improve steadily, which is of course also due to the support of the entire Awesomatix team around Max Mächler and Simon Lauter. Today, participation is a very special challenge, if only because of the international field of participants, also with regard to the quality of the pilots.

ETS – The races of the Euro Touring Series are the “benchmark” as they say. Do you also participate in other, smaller races? Do you remember where you drove your first race?

Elena – Well, the motto “We are family” is not only a motto in the ETS, but is lived by everyone and in the front by Uwe Rheinard and the entire ToniSport team. I think that is unique in the RC car scene. In addition, I also drive smaller races like the ToniSport Onroad Series, which is also a lot of fun.

ETS – When you participate in an ETS race, what makes it such a special event for you? After all, the Euro Touring Series likes to be called the “most important onroad racing series in the world”?

Elena – Of course it’s a great feeling to compete in an international field of drivers. It’s a completely different level in terms of professionalism, quality, teamwork, and fairness.

ETS – What was your first own RC car?

Elena – My first attempts I made with a Tamiya TT-01. With the Tamiya I was allowed, or rather “had”, to drive several afternoons curves around a few set-up cones on the parking lot of our wholesale market, until I finally went on a racetrack.

ETS – Do you train very often, or rather less often? What racetracks are the best for you to get to for training?

Elena – As soon as the opportunity arises, we regularly visit races that are easy to reach for us in terms of distance – race tracks such as VfR Rüsselsheim, MBSC Wächtersbach or also TC-Heuchelheim. But I must admit that the track in Andernach, the Arena33, is my absolute favourite – whether for a race or just for training.

ETS – You are currently racing with an Awesomatix A800MMX. What were the criteria for you to use Awesomatix touring cars in your races?

Elena – I don’t have to think about it for long: My father won’t give me anything else 😊 The Awesomatix has so much potential that I can’t even begin to fully extract. Besides, I’m getting more and more familiar with the setup and the possibilities of this high-performance touring car. What’s more, there’s such a great team behind it.

ETS – What fascinates you so much about RC car driving? Is it the technology, the speed, or simply the adrenaline that you feel when you are driving on the driver’s stand?

Elena – I must confess that I would like to drive, drive and drive. The direct fight on the track with another driver is the most fun. Driving for every tenth requires a lot of discipline and is a very special challenge.

ETS – When you train with your father Frank, who is actually faster 😊?

Elena – I must admit to myself that he is the faster one. However, the gaps are getting smaller and smaller, and it is a very special incentive for me to close this gap as quickly as possible.

ETS – As you can easily see, the men outnumber the girls at ETS. Is it an extra incentive for you to beat the guys in the races, or do you not care at all who you must overtake on the track to get to the front?

Elena – No, once the race is started, the only thing that counts is the RC Cars to beat, gender doesn’t matter. I even have to say that the male competition behaves very charmingly on the track and doesn’t always pull out the crowbar against me right away, for which I am very grateful.

ETS – Do you have a favourite race track? If so, tell us about this track and why you like it better than others?

Elena – Yes, the Arena33 in Andernach. Difficult sections, but also passages to “rest”. The whole team around ToniSport and especially Bruno Czernik are always there with full enthusiasm and heart and soul to make sure everyone has a great race or training weekend.

ETS – When you talk to your friends about your RC car hobby, how do you explain to them exactly what you do when you go to Holland, Austria, or Luxembourg to pursue this hobby? What do they think about that?

Elena – They are always thrilled. No matter if family, friends, classmates or even teachers. After such a race weekend I must report in detail how it went. Thanks to the great ToniSport Media Team, I can always show a few clips from my races on video.

ETS – What do you do when you’re not racing at the ETS? Are you still a student or have you already finished school? What are your plans and career aspirations for the future?

Elena – I am just about to graduate from high school. Unfortunately, this takes a lot of time. It would be great to become a team driver one day, but I have to improve my performance and my consistency. Profession? Difficult question, I think the medical field would be very interesting for me. What exactly, I’m still taking my time.

ETS – Do you have any other hobbies besides RC car racing that you do in your spare time? Or does racing already take up more than enough of your time?

Elena – Why do you have another hobby besides RC car racing? No, of course I like to do regular sports like cycling, swimming and go to the gym from time to time.

ETS – Is there any kind of role model for you in RC car racing? Or drivers you particularly enjoy watching drive?

Elena – Definitely my dad, I always get a special fever for him. Of course, the highlights are always the races in the stock class. In all the races the results are so close, really exciting. I’m always happy when an Awesomatix is in front, no matter if it’s Max Mächler or Simon Lauter.

ETS – What are your goals for the ETS season #15 2022/23?

Elena – Of course, it would be nice to always be able to deliver my full performance – that would be a start. Anything beyond that is a bonus. Of course, an A-final is always a great thing, but it also requires a bit of luck. I still have to improve my driving a lot to be able to book that regularly.

ETS – Elena, thank you very much for this great interview and your time. We are very happy to call you part of the ETS family. We wish you only the best, and most of all, good luck and success on the racetrack!

Elena – Yes, also from me a big thank you to the whole team at ToniSport for all the work you do to make this wonderful hobby possible for us.