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Mon-Tech names third body shell for current Season #15 2022/23

Dear ETS Family,

today we like to inform all Pro Stock and Modified racers, that Mon-Tech has now listed their third body shell for the actual season of the Euro Touring Series.

The company has decided to list their newest EVO2 body shell from their lineup of 1:10 scale touring car bodies. The EVO2 will be allowed in the Awesomatix Pro Stock, and Matrix Modified class for the rest of season #15. The first chance to use this body is ETS RD3 at Arena33 in Andernach!

The list of Mon-Tech body shells is now completed for all classes, and in Pro Stock and Modified the drivers can select from the Mon-Tech Zero, Imola, and EVO2 body shell.
In the 40+ Masters, and 17.5 Stock lass, drivers will stay with the Mon-Tech Zero body shell until the end of the season.

Mon-Tech Part Number:

MB-022-006 Mon-Tech EVO2 Touring Car Body Shell 0,7 mm
MB-022-006L Mon-Tech EVO2 Touring Car Body Shell 0,5 mm “La Leggera”