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5 things to watch during ETS RD4 at LMCC in Luxembourg, LUX

We are heading to the last outdoor race of the fifteenth ETS season, and our way will lead us to Luxembourg. The last time the ETS stopped at this amazing racetrack was in 2016 which means that a lot of our current ETS racers have never been there. The track is very beautiful, features a lot of challenges (wait for the track check on Wednesday), and we are sure that everybody would like to drive on it. Now, sit back, relax, and learn about our “5 things to watch” during ETS RD4 in Luxembourg.

1) World Championship podium finishers

The dust has settled after the 2022 IFMAR touring car worlds, and we like to congratulate all champions and podium finishers for their results once again. In Luxembourg, we will see Stock vice world champion Simon Lauter (Awesomatix), and Formula World Cup winner Andreas Stiebler (Schumacher) racing with us. For sure, both will receive many congratulations and handshakes from the ETS family during free practice on Thursday!

Simon Lauter on the podium in Gubbio

2) Laguna Seca Corkscrew Corner

The corkscrew corner in Laguna Seca (USA) is one of THE most famous corners in racing all around the world. It goes dramatically uphill, turns to the left, before it ends in a downhill right turn! Always spectacular to watch, especially from onboard cameras.

In Luxembourg, all RC racers can experience the same, even if they are not sitting directly in the car. The track in Luxembourg features a similar section to Laguna Seca. After the cars have passed the drivers stand, they need to have a perfect entry into a hollow before then driving up a small hill with a left turn. On top of it, the left turn gets tight before a hard break to the right side lets the cars almost “falling down” a right turn to the entry of the main straight.
It is always looking very spectacular and makes the LMCC Luxembourg racetrack to one of the most unique places for RC racing in Europe. Watch our event coverage and enjoy one of the coolest corners in RC!  

Laguna Seca in Luxembourg

3) Local Heroes

As we mentioned before, the last ETS race in Luxembourg is dated back to 2016. We think that a lot of drivers have never driven on this track, and it will be exciting to see how long it will take them to find a perfect rhythm for the challenging track. The asphalt is relatively new (resurfaced some years ago), and drivers can use the curbs to go fast – but to a certain level only!
We expect a few drivers having great chances to score top results as they are in the LMCC club or at least don`t live far away from the track. Let`s find out if Lucas Urbain, Jacques Libar, Joe Streff, Luka Jovicic, Dirk Rischard, and all other drivers from Luxembourg will have any practice advantage on their home track or not. We will find it out during the weekend at ETS RD4 in Luxembourg!

Lucas Urbain (Awesomatix)

4) Wetter Radar

As the weather is always a huge factor in September, the weather radar will be one to watch. Sadly, the drivers at the IFMAR worlds in Italy had to face some serious rain and thunderstorms and the whole event was affected in a bad way from the weather. The forecast for our ETS race in Luxembourg is looking pretty solid so far, with temperatures between 7 and 18 degrees and a mix between sunshine and clouds. No rain on the radar so far – fingers crossed!

5) Parking Area

Another very important topic is the parking situation. There is only limited space behind the pit area (marked yellow), and therefore it is super important to park all cars as close and clever as possible. We will be there on Thursday morning to coordinate the parking process and we ask you to PLEASE park in straight lines without wasting too much space. The huge park & ride area can get used on Saturday and Sunday as well, but we will give you an update about that in the drivers meeting on Friday!

Parking Situation in Luxembourg

Watch the show

For everybody who will watch us from the distance – we are sorry that you will not be with us in Luxembourg. But you can enjoy all the racing action from home in our well-known ETS livestream by Pullstart TV. You will find the stream in the LIVE section of our website during the event!

Now it is time for all racers to get the final preparations done on their cars and equipment. Wednesday will be “travel day” for most drivers, and we will all see us in Luxembourg for the fourth round of ETS Season #15 2022/23 – see you there!