Under the Hood – Dominik Schmid`s Iris ONE

Dominik Schmid is running the new Iris ONE touring car for the first time ever here at ETS Rd5 in Hann. Münden, GER. The car is completeley new on the market and is a cooperation of car designer Andreas Myrberg and Sven Rudig (Ruddog). The car features a unique pushrod design with torsion springs and a single-lever rotational shock.
The centre of gravity is super low, thus improving overall performance. Combined with sturdy double wishbones, the high performance suspension package ensures fast and consistent lap times run after run. Moreover, the newly developed pitch and heave shock improves handling under braking and high speed cornering. Together with an ultra-narrow bulkhead design, the efficient three-belt drive train results in perfect weight balance.
With three identical belts, less belt tension is required than with a conventional two-belt set-up. Many unique details, such as an optional direct-mount aluminium fan, have been integrated into the design of Iris ONE to give you an edge over the competition.
iris ONE is a very interesting and innovative car, and we are looking forward to the future of this new brand on the market of 1:10 scale touring cars.

Chassis: Iris ONE
Body Shell: Zoo Racing Wolverine (0,5)
Speedo: Orca ETS
Motor: Orca ETS 13.5T
Battery: Ruddog Graphene 5800
Radio: Sanwa M12S
Servo: Highest BLP 650
Tires: Matrix EPC028 ETS
Option Parts: 2,5mm Low Friction Belts
Sponsors: Ruddog, Iris, Level One Design