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ETS A2 + A3 Report RD6 Season #15 2022/23

The ETS Season #15 2023/23 is history. We have crowned the race winners and overall champions here at the amazing season finale in Daun – and what a weekend it was. Fully packed of action, fun, and high-class RC racing. Find out what happened on Sunday, and which drivers are bringing home the big trophies!

Matrix Modified

Völker is ETS champion while Orlowski takes first Modified win for Schumacher

A2 – The second A-Main of the Matrix Modified class saw Schumacher factory driver Michal Orlowski making a big mistake in the first lap after starting from pole position. He dropped down to the end of the field and Ronald Völker was leading the race with Marc Rheinard (Awesomatix A800R) in tow. Rheinard tried everything to stay on Völker’s tail, but after he had two very small bubbles, he just had no chance to come close enough to Völker. The Mugen Seiki driver took A2 in style which brought him into an even better position to win the overall championship in A3. Behind Völker and Rheinard, it was once again Christopher Krapp (Yokomo) finishing third with a strongly recovering Michal Orlowski in fourth position. With A2 going to Völker, Rheinard was in need to win A3 from third on the grid with a faster overall runtime compared to Völker`s A2 win – more that difficult!

A3 – The deciding A-Main of the Matrix Modified class was just awesome to watch. TQ Michal Orlowski had a good start, but so had the others. Ronald Völker and Marc Rheinard followed Orlowski very closely, and Völker was putting a lot of pressure on the white Schumacher car in front of him. However, Orlowski was standing his ground and made no mistakes at all. Under tremendous applause from all spectators, Orlowski took the win at the last race of the season and Ronald Völker defended his Modified title successfully – what a race it was!

Winner B-Main: Oliver Krähemann (CH)
Winner C-Main: Patrick Gassauer (DE)
Winner D-Main: Rick van den Akker (NL)

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298777?key=203

Awesomatix ProStock

Lauter wins A2 to celebrate the championship in style

A2 – Simon Lauter took another dominant win in the Awesomatix Pro Stock class. This time, Lukas Ellerbrock was able to stay in striking distance to Lauter, but as Simon didn`t show any nerves it was simply impossible for Ellerbrock to ride a serious attack on his Awesomatix teammate. With 2 wins from 2 finals, Simon Lauter brought a perfect season to an even better ending here in Daun. Congratulations again for winning the highly rewarded ETS Pro Stock title. Oliver Krähemann, Patrick Danielsen, and Tim Benson completed the top 5 in A2. For champion Lauter, it was the fifteenth (!) consecutive ETS race with a podium finish – what a great performance from Simon!

A3 – The last A-Main of the Awesomatix Pro Stock class saw Lukas Ellerbrock taking the win. Simon Lauter was not on the line anymore after he had already won the race after A2. Ellerbrock was driving perfectly on the technical track here in Daun and behind him it was the show of Danielsen and Krähemann who had a nice race for second and third. Sören Sparbier took the fourth place in the last final, right in front of Olivier Bultynck.

Winner B-Main: Robert Pietsch (DE)
Winner C-Main: Jakub Rozycki (PL)
Winner D-Main: Meik Niemann (DE)
Winner E-Main: Andreas Bryne (NO)
Winner F-Main: Dennis Krings (DE)
Winner G-Main: Stam Kontouzoglou (GR)
Winner H-Main: Filippos Koutras (GR)

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298776?key=203

Hobbywing Frontwheel

First ETS win for Sparbier and Mugen Seiki in the fully booked FWD class while Schulz lifting the big championship trophy

A2 – What a great weekend for Sören Sparbier. Right after switching teams (from Serpent to Mugen Seiki), he was able to claim his first ETS pole position, and his first ETS ever race win – congratulations Sören Sparbier. He had another perfect race in front of Stefan Schulz, Meik Niemann, Roman Borschel, and Mark Valent to seal the deal.

A3 – The last A-Main of the Hobbywing Frontwheel class was in the hands of back-to-back champion Stefan Schulz. He won the race in front of Roman Borschel and Meik Niemann. Race winner Sören Sparbier will step onto the podium here in Daun together with Stefan Schulz and Roman Borschel at the end of an amazing season of FWD racing at the ETS. Congratulations to Sparbier and Schulz for winning the race and the overall championship!

Winner B-Main: Sebastian Meibörg (DE)
Winner C-Main: Manuel Stankowitz (DE)
Winner D-Main: Philip Jeisy (CH)
Winner E-Main: Michal Milanowicz (PL)
Winner F-Main: Reto Nauer (CH)
Winner G-Main: Matthias Griese (DE)
Winner H-Main: Martin Krause (DE)
Winner I-Main: Krist Bultynck (BE)
Winner J-Main: Mike Martinez (FR)
Winner K-Main: Silvio Pietroboni (CH)

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298775?key=203

Orca 17.5 Stock

Reile is champion after an amazing battle with Donath all season long

A2 – Dominik Reile took the win in the second A-Main and celebrated his win with his friends, teammates, and with all season rival Jasmin Donath. She was one of the first drivers to congratulate Reile which showed the great sportsmanship we have between most racers at the ETS. It was a season with ups and downs for Reile, but all the pressure was gone after A2, and he is a well-deserved champion. Jasmin Donath had an amazing season as well and is one of the most improving racers of the season. Congratulations to both drivers – you did an awesome job!

A3 – Jasmin Donath won the last A-Main of the season and secured her sixth consecutive ETS podium in the Orca 17.5 Stock class. The newly crowned vice champion drove without any mistake and took the win in front of Kevin Schmid and Roman Borschel while champion Dominik Reile was watching the race from the sideline.

1. Dominik Reile (DE) Awesomatix
2. Jasmin Donath (DE) Awesomatix
3. Roman Borschel (DE) Awesomatix
4. Kevin Schmid (DE) Awesomatix
5. Henrik Heitsch (DE) ARC
6. Jan Gehrig (DE) Xray
7. Daniel Pöhlmann (DE) Awesomatix
8. Niclas Storm (DE) Mugen Seiki
9. Robin van Gog (NL) Awesomatix
10. Maximilian Weißenbach (DE) Awesomatix
11. Tristan Bergheim (DE) Awesomatix

Winner B-Main: Alexander Hupfeld (DE)
Winner C-Main: Tasos Batas (DE)
Winner D-Main: Martin Krause (DE)
Winner E-Main: Thomas Hermann (DE)

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298772?key=203

ToniSport 40+ Masters

Stankowitz is your 40+ Masters champion and Zierold joins circle of ETS race winners

A2 – The second A-Main of the ToniSport 40+ Masters class saw Michel Zierlod winning his firet ETS race. Welcome to the circle of winners Michel. He was driving fantastic and clean, and second place runner Stankowitz had no chance to challenge him for the win. But as Stankowitz knew that a second place in A2 would guarantee him the overall championship, he was not going all in, and it paid off for him in the end. Zierold celebrated his big win after the final, and a very delighted Manuel Stankowitz was slowly recognizing what he has achieved this season. He is the new ToniSport 40+ Masters champion – congratulations Manuel Stankowitz.

A3 – In the last of the triple A-Mains, Manuel Stankowitz took an unchallenged win ahead of Andreas Myrberg and Caspar Morgen. Stankowitz drove like a real champion (which he now is), and brought a fantastic season to an end. The ToniSport 40+ Masters title is his biggest achievement in RC racing, and he is a well-deserved champion. Toni Mateo had not his best weekend but will still bring the vice champion trophy to Gran Canaria.

1. Michel Zierold (DE) Awesomatix
2. Manuel Stankowitz (DE) Awesomatix
3. Ulrich Dinger (DE) Awesomatix  
4. Caspar Morgen (DK) Xray
5. Andreas Myrberg (SE) Iris
6. Torsten Baggendorf (DE) Awesomatix
7. Mirco Thalheimer (DE) Xray
8. Thomas Oehler (DE) Mugen Seiki
9. Ronald Arts (NL) Awesomatix  
10. Werner Schmitzer (AT) Yokomo
11. Toni Mateo (ES) Awesomatix

Winner B-Main: Sammy Pajalin (FI)
Winner C-Main: Thomas Hallaschka (DE)
Winner D-Main: Achim Tramm (DE)
Winner E-Main: Charles David Moysan (FR)
Winner F-Main: Patrick Rottl (DE)

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298773?key=203

Scorpion Formula

Stiebler takes A3 and wins the big trophy in Daun

A2 – The second Formula A-Main saw the scene of the race in the very last chicane. Stiebler was leading all race long, but Kölbel never gave up and was all over Stiebler entering the last chicane before exiting onto the main straight. The rear of Stiebler`s Schumacher car got a little loose, and Kölbel quickly found his nose in the left side of Stiebler`s rear wing which caused Stiebler`s car to flip. Kölbel continued and took the win from Stiebler. As it was a very controversial situation, the ETS race directors around Scotty Ernst reviewed it multiple times on the video and decided to handle it as a “racing incident”. This meant that the title decision got shifted all the way to the last A-Main of the season in Daun!

A3 – Andreas Stiebler and René Kölbel had to face a lot of pressure in the deciding third Formula A-Main. The whole season was on the line in a 5-minute race, and both had a great race on track. Stiebler made no bigger mistakes, and Kölbel was chasing him hard around the track at the Sporthotel Grafenwald. After five minutes, Stiebler crossed the line, and the crowd was applauding both drivers for an awesome race. After an epic season and a thrilling battle, the championship title goes to Andreas Stiebler. René Kölbel finished the season in second place and both drivers are already looking forward to race again in the new season!

TQ Andreas Stiebler (AT) Schumacher
2. René Kölbel (AT) Xray
3. Gergö Valent (HU) Xray
4. Herbert Weber (AT) Xray
5. Alexander Bremer (DE) Schumacher
6. Michal Wojcik (PL) Xray
7. Robert Kampehl (DE) Exotek
8. Luka Jovicic (LU) Xray
9. Mathias Domig (AT)
10. Chris Grenz (DE) Xray
11. Jacques Libar (LU) Libar Engineering

Winner B-Main: Patrick Sadrinna (DE)
Winner C-Main: Mirko Goroncek (DE)Winner D-Main: Rainer Haller (DE)

Link to the Results on MyRCM: https://www.myrcm.ch/myrcm/report/de/67006/298774?key=203

After another amazing Season of ETS racing is now finished. We like to thank everybody for coming and supporting our series. We are already in the planning of ETS Season #16 2023/24 and you will find all the information here on our ets.racing website. But now, it is time to relax, reflect, regroup, and come back to racing at RD1 of the new season (to be announced in the next days). See you there 😊