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Völker, Izsay & Jung victorious at MIBO International Race

The MIBO International race took place last weekend in Hrotovice (Czech Republic). The race saw two tracks (On- and Offroad) directly beside each other and the event was fully booked.

Ronald Völker (Mugen Seiki) won the modified touring car class in front of Xray`s Antoine Brunet and Oliver Havranek. Eric Dankel (Mugen Seiki) finished fourt, tied on points with Havranek. Dionys Stadler (Iris) completed the top 5 at the MIBO race!

The touring car Stock class saw Adam Izsay (Xray) taking the win in front of his teammate Oliver Havranek, and Yokomo`s Enrico Jung. Jiri Vysin and Mark Valent made it to the positions 4 and 5.

Enrico Jung (Yokomo) took the win in the FWD class with Mark Valent and Daniel Pöhlmann following in second and third. Christian Schneider and Philipp Stadler completed the top 5.

Pictures: RedRC