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Change of TC Motors and F1 Combos ahead of Season #16

Dear ETS Family,

the Euro Touring Series still is the leading racing series for electric 1:10 scale RC cars around the world. We have reached this status during the last 15 years because the ETS was always made “from racers – for racers” and with the main goal to produce fair and high class racing. The ETS has adapted it`s rules from time to time to keep up with the quickly changing industry and we always found a good way to succeed!

Now, we felt that it is time for some changes again to make our racing series even more attractive in the future. The development of motors, batteries, and speed controllers has not slowed down the cars in the last years resulting in all ETS classes being “very fast” on track. The speed of the Pro Stock class for example is comparable with the speed of modified racing 10 years ago. 

After long and very constructive discussions within the ETS Orga Team, and also with the manufacturers, we have decided to adapt the Motors in our touring car stock classes. In the Formula 1 class, there will even be a completely new combo on the line for the start of ETS Season #16 2023/24.

Slowing down the Stock classes for better driveability and more racing action

From our point of view, the stock classes have become too fast and many average hobby drivers have become afraid about competing at the ETS against all the “top stock drivers”. Especially indoors the Pro Stock class has almost reached the speed of modified when we are looking closer at the laptimes. Therefore, we have decided to slow down these classes a little bit. With the current motor and software combinations the cars are reaching their top speed immediately when drivers are hitting the throttle out of the corners.

We are going to test the perfect gearing and software combinations as soon as the weather allows some proper outdoor testing. You will get informed immediately. However, the following hardware changes will come into force with the start of the new season in Apeldoorn (Netherlands) at the beginning of June:

Awesomatix Pro Stock

The Motor will change from ORCA 13.5T to the well-known ORCA 17.5T Motor.
As mentioned before, we will test several software, RPM Limiters, and gear ratios for the best possible driveability on track. Our goal is to slow down the class a bit, but to get a higher top speed compared to the 17.5T Stock racing classes which we had in the last years with 17.5 Stock and 40+ Masters.

Orca 21.5 Stock and 1up Racing 40+ Masters

These two classes will get their 17.5T stock motor replaced by a 21.5T Motor from Orca. This will also result in less motor power and a more realistic look on track with the perfect gearing and RPM limiter mode. Don`t worry, we will choose a gearing which will not slow the cars down too much.
In the same way as for Pro Stock, we will test and publish the new rules here as soon as possible. In the same moment we like to welcome 1up Racing as a new ETS sponsor on board, being the new title sponsor of the 40+ Masters class – welcome to the ETS family!

ToniSport Formula

In the newly named Formula class, we will see a Hobbywing combo (21.5T Motor) powering the F1 cars for Season #16. After many years with Scorpion, we like to thank them for all they have done for us and the Formula racers at the ETS. The new Hobbywing combo is already in it`s final testing stages and we like to thank all drivers who helped testing the ESC and Motor on their home tracks so far.
As soon as the software is programmed, we can start to sell the combos at ToniSport. Just wait some days and we will publish even more information for all Formula racers!

Matrix Modified and Hobbywing Frontwheel

These two classes will stay unchanged for the new campaign.
The Matrix Modified class is the premier class for the ultimate racing experience where every little detail counts. We see no reason to set any limits for this class as it is the most prestigious one at the ETS with manufacturers, teams, and drivers always pushing to the limits!

The Hobbywing Frontwheel class was the biggest racing class in the last 3 consecutive years at the ETS and we follow the “never change a running system” path here. The Hobbywing Motor and ESC combo of the Frontwheel class is already a perfect fit and no changes are needed!

New Season to kick off in Apeldoorn at the beginning of June

We hope that you understand the reasons for our decisions. The most important thing for us is to keep the ETS a racing class for everybody. The RULES for Season #16 will be completed very soon, including the new list of ETS body shells too. Stay tuned!

We are already looking forward to the new season which will kick off at the amazing track of the AMCA Apeldoorn in the Netherlands.

Uwe, Scotty, and the whole ETS crew!