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Xtreme Red Hawk Touring Car Bodyshell

Xtreme Aerodynamics has released a new bodyshell for the electric touring car class. The bodyshell carries the name “RED HAWK” and is officialy listed on the list of race bodies for ETS Season #16 2023/24. As always, the bodyshell is available in different weight options (0,7 / 0,5 / 0,4mm) to suit the demands of Stock and Modified racers on Indoor and Outdoor tracks.
The body comes with window masks, a decal sheet, and hardware for wing mounting!


Xtreme Aerodynamics RED HAWK MTB-0424-ETS 0,7mm (for all ETS touring car classes)
Xtreme Aerodynamics RED HAWK MTB-0424-L 0,5mm (for ETS Pro Stock and Modified)
Xtreme Aerodynamics RED HAWK MTB-0424-UL 0,4mm (for ETS Pro Stock and Modified)