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Tires for ETS Outdoor Racing, Season #16 2023/24

Dear ETS Family,

after we have used the quickly produced Matrix tires at the first ETS race of the season in Apeldoorn, we finally can inform you about the tires we will use for ETS RD2 in Aigen, and for RD3 in Andernach. We have talked to Cristian Boni from Matrix every day, we discussed with many drivers, and we also tested again on different tracks. We are sure that the decision we made is good for ETS racing, but also for other racing series and club level events.

Different tires for Stock and Modified racing

Matrix can produce the “old” tires again for the rest of the year as the raw material shortage seems to be overcome now. The production will start at the end of the week and the tires should be back in stock until the end of June. This is a great fact and opens some options for our two remaining ETS asphalt races.

In Apeldoorn, we saw the Modified drivers going super-fast with the new tires, while the drivers in the Stock classes had struggled a bit more to get the tires into the perfect setup window. Many stock drivers wanted to have “the old tire back as quick as possible” while others liked the new ones after the event. The Modified racers had a very clear statement for us: “We don`t want to go back to the old tires anymore” was the most used sentence from the modified drivers after the trophy ceremony.

With all these information and facts from ETS RD1, we decided to follow the wishes of most of our racers. We will use the following tires for ETS RD2 in Aigen, and for ETS RD3 in Andernach. Both tires will be available in the next days again!

Awesomatix Pro Stock, 1up Racing 40+ Masters, and Orca 21.5 Stock

We will use the Matrix Tires which we all know from the previous seasons. They are very good and reliable tires and never disappointed in the past. The white dish wheels will have the ETS logo on the surface to clearly show that it is the corretc tire for ETS stock racing. Our decision for these tires will ensure a nice handling for the drivers as they easier to drive for everybody.
Part Number: Matrix EPA-036

Matrix Modified

In the Modified class, the ETS will use the “new” tires which had been in use in Apeldoorn. We call these tires D36 now, and they will get a special part number for an easy identification. The white wheels will come without the ETS logo, to visually separate them from the EPA-036 stock class tire. The D36 is 1g heavier (per tire) compared to the classic Matrix tire.
Part Number: Matrix EPA-D36

We are sure that this decision is the best one for the remaining outdoor season and we hope that you will like it. Beside managing the tire situation for 2023, we will further develop and test different tires all the time to be prepared if such a material shortage will hit us again in the future.  
We want to thank Cristian Boni from Matrix tires again for all his support and his hard work behind the scenes. The tire business it not an easy one, and together with Matrix we do our very best to give our ETS family the best tire we need for racing!

Your ETS crew!