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200 mark broken as ETS RD2 will be another top event

Dear ETS Family,

even if ETS RD2 in Austria is still 4 weeks ahead of us, the number of entries has already increased up to 208 in the last couple of days.
This is even more than last year`s total attendance of 143, and clearly shows that the first ETS race at this amazing place was a good promotion leading more and more racers to join us in Aigen this season. We are still missing some names on the list of entries and we are sure that 208 is not the final number for ETS RD2 at the facility of the MAV Aigen-Schlägl.

We are in a constant exchange with the club and everybody in Aigen is looking forward to the event. Last year`s event was a real blast.. One thing we can tell you today is that there will be a Barbecue again for all drivers on Thursday evening. Many people had a lot of fun on this first evening after free practice and the club would love to do this again for all of you. We will inform you about the menu, the registration process for the BBQ, and also about the price in the ext weeks.


If you are planning to travel to Aigen-Schlägl with your own Camper, trailer, or just your own tent, please inform Martin Mayrhofer about your plans as he is in charge to organize everything there. Martin`s E-Mail is: Martin_Mayrhofer@gmx.net

Last year`s track walk

If you still have no idea about the MAV Aigen-Schlägl and the amazing racetrack, just re-watch the Track Walk video with Oli Meggitt and Patrick Beck from last seasons race. You will get a great impression of the track and you will understand why you like to travel to Austria with your RC equipment in July.

About the MAV Aigen Schlägl

If you have not raced in Aigen until now, here are the most important facts for you
Date: 20.07. – 23.07.2023
Location: MAV Aigen Schlägl, Krenbrücke 15, 4160 Schlägl, Austria
Track: Asphalt (new surface 2017)
Track length 243m
Driving direction: Anti-clockwise
Pit area: Covered pit area and additional tents
Camping requests: martin_mayrhofer@gmx.net
Catering: MAV Bistro trackside
Entries: We open the entries on MyRCM on Tuesday, 09.05.2023 at 20:00 MEZ

Place your entry tonight and book your accomodation soon see you there!