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Mugen Seiki`s Völker is top seed in Austria

Controlled Practice at MAV Aigen-Schlägl

After a total of seven free practice rounds, the ETS racers had two rounds of controlled seeding practice to find out in which qualifying heat they would end. The seeding counts every driver`s fastest three consecutive laps (same as in free practice) and everybody was pushing really hard on track to get into the best possible group for the upcoming four rounds of qualifying. The first round will take place today, with three more rounds to follow on Saturday.

Matrix Modified

Mugen Seiki dominates practice as Völker and Dankel are still on top

The seeding practice of the Matrix Modified saw all the top drivers pushing super hard to squeeze the maximum out of their cars and tires. It was Ronald Völker who posted the fastest laptimes again with his best time coming from the second of the two rounds of timed practice. Völker`s teammate Eric Dankel had a great first timed practice session and will start second into qualifying with his MTC2R touring car.
Behind the Mugen duo, last year`s race winner Christopher Krapp is currently sitting in third place followed by a very strong driving Mattia Collina (Schumacher), and Awesomatix driver Marc Rheinard. Qualifying will be a close affair and everybody is already looking forward to some very close races on track in our Matrix Modified class.

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Ronald Völker (DE) 45.694 (Mugen Seiki|LRP)
2. Eric Dankel (DE) 45.977 (Mugen Seiki|Hobbywing)
3. Christopher Krapp (DE) 46.081 (Yokomo|Racing Performer)
4. Mattia Collina (IT) 46.153 (Schumacher|Hobbywing)
5. Marc Rheinard (DE) 46.276 (Awesomatix|Orca)

Awesomatix ProStock

Xray 1-2-3 as Izsay leads Ratheisky and Schulz into qualifying

The Awesomatix Pro Stock class saw a dominant day from the Xray team so far. Adam Izsay continued to be the fastest and Jan Ratheisky is now back in the game as he moved up to P2 in the last seeding run. Stefan Schulz is third with his Xray X4-2023 and the best “non Xray driver” is Yokomo`s Enrico Jung who is sitting in P4 after seeding practice. Schumacher`s Mattia Collina completes the top 5 in a practice session which was the first since a very long time with no Awesomatix car making it into the top 5. Olivier Bultynck is the highest ranked Awesomatix driver in sixth place so far – let`s see if the empire can strike back in qualifying!

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Adam Izsay (HU) 54.220 (Xray|Nosram)
2. Jan Ratheisky (DE) 54.409 (Xray|Nosram)
3. Stefan Schulz (DE) 54.445 (Xray|Gens Ace)
4. Enrico Jung (DE) 54.556 (Yokomo|Gens Ace)
5. Mattia Collina (IT) 54.559 (Schumacher|EZ)

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Izsay, Völker, and Valent are the fastest FWD drivers now – qualifying is up next!

Adam Izsay (Xray) comes out fastest from FWD seeding. His best three consecutive laps had been 4 tenths quicker than the fastest time of second placed driver Jonas Völker (Mugen Seiki). Mark Valent improved to third place in the last round of practice with his Xray car and will start ahead of German champion Daniel Pöhlmann (Awesomatix), and Mugen Seiki driver Max Weffers who completes the top 5. Adam Izsay was fast all day and qualifying will show us if somebody can challenge him over a complete 5 minute run. Good luck to all FWD drivers for the upcoming four rounds on the track of the MAV Aigen-Schlägl.

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Adam Izsay (HU) 1:05.405 Xray
2. Jonas Völker (DE) 1:05.828  Mugen Seiki
3. Mark Valent (HU) 1:05.846  Xray
4. Daniel Pöhlmann (DE) 1:05.959  Awesomatix
5. Max Weffers (DE) 1:06.037  Mugen Seiki

1up Racing 40+ Masters

Close competition in the Masters class with Zierold on top

Michel Zierold is the top seed in the 1up Racing 40+ Masters class. The Awesomatix driver performed really good all day and is on the sunny side of life right now. Mirco Thalheimer (Xray) will start right behind him into qualifying and seems to be his hardest contender now.
Xray`s René Kölbel is third after seeding, while Torsten Baggendorf (ARC) and Manuel Stankowitz (Iris) made it 4 different manufacturers in the top 5.

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Michel Zierold (DE) 59.239 Awesomatix
2. Mirco Thalheimer (DE) 59.344 Xray
3. Renè Kölbel (AT) 59.770 Xray
4. Torsten Baggendorf (DE) 1:00.007 ARC
5. Manuel Stankowitz (DE) 1:00.016 Iris

Orca 21.5 Stock

Pöhlmann continues to dominate as his competitors were closing up

Daniel Pöhlmann will start first into qualifying after he was the fastest driver in Orca 21.5 Stock seeding practice. His Awesomatix car had a great pace and he was fastest in all rounds so far. Behind Pöhlmann, we saw Jan Gehrig, Tristan Bergheim, Timo Siebert, and Tobias Baumbach all had been in about 0.062 of a second (!) which clearly shows how hard you have to fight for a top result in this class. Four rounds of qualifying are up next – who will challenge Daniel Pöhlmann?

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Daniel Pöhlmann (DE) 1:00.176 Awesomatix
2. Jan Gehrig (DE) 1:00.495 Xray
3. Tristan Bergheim (DE) 1:00.499 Awesomatix
4. Timo Siebert (DE) 1:00.510 Mugen Seiki
5. Tobias Baumbach (DE) 1:00.557 Xray

ToniSport Formula

Stiebler tops Formula practice ahead of surprisingly quick Rajki, and Valent

Schumacher factory driver Andreas Stiebler is on a high here at ETS RD2 in Aigen. The Austrian racer topped all rounds of practice with his Schumacher Icon2 and is in a very comfortable position now. Behind Stiebler, a very fast Balint Rajki stepped onto the ETS stage with his Xray car and is Stiebler`s hardest challenger after the two rounds of controlled practice.
Gergö Valent, David Ehrbar, and Jan Ratheisky completed the top 5 with their Xray cars. Can Stiebler remain on top with his Schumacher car against the Xray gang in qualifying? Let`s find it out!

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Andreas Stiebler (AT) 55.241 Schumacher
2. Balint Rajki (HU) 55.476 Xray
3. Gergö Valent (HU) 55.631 Xray
4. David Ehrbar (DE) 55.657 Xray
5. Jan Ratheisky (AT) 56.040 Xray

Now, we are looking forward to the start of Qualifying at ETS RD1 where we expect some great action and close fights for the A-Main spots in all classes.
On our website you will not miss anything as you can find our ETS livestream “presented by RC Racing TV. To get quickly to the results of all classes simply navigate to the “RESULTS” area on our landing page.

Enjoy ETS RD2 in Austria together with us – no matter where you are!