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Track Check ETS RD3 Season #16 2023/24 in Andernach, GER

Nothing new to show at Arena33 as we race ETS RD3 on the well-known and race proven Layout which the DJK Andernach is using since three years now. However, the track is perfectly suited to 1:10 scale onroad RC racing and the whole facility is a very good one. If you don`t know much about Arena33, here are some facts including last year`s (2022) track walk video for you:

Overtaking? Possible, but difficult!

Overtaking is, what every racer wants to do if he is not starting from pole position. When we look at the Arena33 track, it first looks like a track where it is not easy to overtake.  But there are some spots on the track where drivers can attack the car in front of them with a good chance for a clean pass.

  1. End of the main straight: When close enough there is a chance to overtake hard on braking before the left turn.
  2. Entry of chicane: The same here, as drivers can try a pass at the inside (or outside) going into the chicane.
  3. Hairpin after passing the Driver Stand: Risky to try it there, but an inside move seems possible.
  4. Section after the long right turn: Here we have two options. Directly in the very slow corner after the long right turn, or in the following left turn before accelerating out into the long sweeper onto main straight.

Arena33 is waiting for you

Everything is set to go, and we are looking forward to see all of you racing at Arena33. Enjoy the weekend of racing at the Euro Touring Series and have a great time with your friends, teammates, and our ETS family.