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Modified A1 goes to top qualifier Orlowski

Matrix Modified

Nothing new to report as Orlowski takes A1 from Völker and Rheinard

The first leg of A-Mains in the Matrix Modified class saw TQ Michal Orlowski (Schumacher) taking an impressive win from tone to tone. Ronald Völker (Mugen Seiki) also had a very good run and was able to stay in the 1 second window with Orlowski all the time. Völker was just not close enough behind Orlowski to set him under enormous pressure, but he would have been there if Orlowski would have struggled in any way – which he simply didn`t.
The leading duo checked out massively from the rest of the field, with third placed Marc Rheinard finishing 5 seconds behind them. Rheinard had a nice battle with Eric Dankel (Mugen Seiki) and Yannic Prümper (Yokomo) for most of the time and it was great to watch them all driving very respectful with each other. The second A-Main wil be an important one for Orlowski, and even more important for his contenders if they still want to deny him the win in Andernach.

Awesomatix ProStock

Ellerbrock in control of Pro Stock A1

Lukas Ellerbrock took the win in the opening A-Main of the Awesomatix Pro Stock class. He had a perfect start with his Awesomatix A800R, and nobody was ever close enough to really challenge him for the win. After second place starter Oliver Bultynck made a costly mistake in lap 2, Adam Izsay moved to second place which he was able to maintain until the end. The race winner from Austria tried everything to close the gap to Ellerbrock, but in the end he had to settle for a good P2. Stefan Schulz (Xray) and Tim Benson (Jambo One) worked their way through the field from 7 and 8 on the grid to finish fourth and fifth. Lukas Ellerbrock is now only one win away from his first ever ETS victory. Can he make it happen?

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Borschel snatches A1 win away from TQ Heitsch in the last few corners of the race

The Hobbywing Frontwheel class once again showed why it is so famous. The first A-Main was amazing to watch! Top qualifier Henrik Heitsch (ARC) had a good start and was driving cool like an ice cube all time long. Adam Izsay was close to the tail of second place starter Roman Borschel in the first laps, before Borschel then closed to the leader Heitsch again. Marwin Riedelbauch was able to go the pace of the top 3 and was running in fourth position.
In the last two laps, Roman Borschel was very close to Henrik Heitsch, and 5 corners before the finish line, Heitschi was riding a curb and Borschel tried to make a move. They were running side by side for a short minute and Borschel took over the lead while Heitsch dropped back to P3 behind Adam Izsay. It was a tough moment for Heitsch, but it was not an unfair moment at all. So, it was Roman Borschel who took the win in A1 of the Hobbywing Frontwheel class. The pressure is now all on Henrik Heitsch who needs to get a win in A2 if he likes to take the overall victory here in Andernach!

1up Racing 40+ Masters

Half way there as Thalheimer wins A1 from the pole position

After sealing his first ever TQ at the ETS, Mirco Thalheimer showed that it was well-deserved with also winning the first A-Main. Thalheimer had a good start, but made a small mistake in lap three which luckily didn`t cost him much. Toni Mateo was chasing Thalheimer in the first laps of the race, but at the half way mark it was Michel Zierold who was able to overtake Mateo. Zierold had a very strong pace and was only one second behind Thalheimer at the end of the race but he had no chance to force Thalheimer and his Xray car into a mistake. As they crossed the finish line, the running order was Thalheimer, Zierold, Mateo, Schmitzer, and Fuchs.

Orca 21.5 Stock

Dominant Bergheim wins the first 21.5 Stock A-Main in Andernach

TQ Tristan Bergheim never was in trouble in the first of the three A-Mains of the Orca 21.5 Stock class. He took the win froim tone to tone and had a gap of 2.3 seconds over second placed Phil Langner who was able to find his way by Timo Siebert in the middle of the race. Emely Ratheisky, Lenny Kiefer, and Robert Kampehl completed the top 6, and Lien Lu drove from 11th on the grid to P7 in his first ever ETS race (after bumping up from the B-Main).
After winning A1, Tristan Bergheim is very close to his second ETS win of the season. Timo Siebert and Phil Langner need to find some really good ideas to improve their pace and to challenghe Bergheim in A2.

ToniSport Formula

Ehrbar converts strong Saturday form into A1 victory on Sunday morning

David Ehrbar took the first A-Main in the ToniSport Formula class. Andreas Stiebler was trying all he could to keep up with Ehrbar`s pace, but had to take a second place from A1. Jan Ratheisky had some technical issues and stopped his car after 6 laps which brought Luka Jovicic up to third position. Herbert Weber and René Kölbel completed the top five in an relativeley uneventful first Forumla A-Main.

The second round of finals will be underway immediately and we will keep you updated about the results. Will we be able to present you the first race winners of the weekend? Let`s find it out and enjoy the races!