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Orlowski wins ETS RD3 ahead of Völker and Rheinard

Matrix Modified

Third ETS victory in a row – Orlowski on a mission

A2– What looked like a walk in the park all weekend long, came to a great ending in A2 when Michal Orlowski crossed the finish line with his Schumacher ride in front of Ronald Völker`s Mugen Seiki car. Thirteen years ago, Michal Orlowski won the ETS Hobby class at the “old” Arena33 track, and now he has done it again against the top dogs in modified. Congratulations to Michal and his team for an outstanding job all weekend long. He is now leading the championship and will be on the line at RD5 and RD6 to fight for the overall title.

Michal had a great start, and Ronald Völker tried everything (like in every other race of the weekend) to built up a high amount of pressure on Orlowski. Völker was able to close the gap to Orlowski over the weekend, but he just missed that one second over five minutes to be close enough for switching to “attack mode”. However, Völker showed a great race all weekend long and never gave up, the same as third placed Awesomatix lead driver Marc Rheinard who was finishing third in almost every round. Behind Orlowski, Rheinard, and Völker, we saw Yannic Prümper (Yokomo) and Eric Dankel (Mugen Seiki) confirming their 4th and 5th positions again.

A3– Ronald Völker took an unchallenged win in A3 ahead of Marc Rheinard and Eric Dankel who was able to get by Yannic Prümper. Dankel came close to Rheinard in the last laps of the race but was running out of time. This result puts Ronald Völker to second on the podium, with Marc Rheinard in third. Eric Dankel and Yannic Prümper finished fourth and fifth overall.

Winner B-Main: Simon Lauter (DE)
Winner C-Main: Fabian Nitschke (DE)
Winner D-Main: Peter Ende (NL)

Awesomatix ProStock

Ellerbrock celebrates first ever win at the ETS

A2– On the sound of the tone, it was Lukas Ellerbrock (Awesomatix) who never looked back and drove a brilliant race. He had never won an ETS race but this time it was “his weekend”. Lukas was fast in qualifying, started from pole, and took the win in A1 and A2. There is no better way to win a race. Congratulations Lukas, well-deserved!
Behind the winner, Oliver Bultynck and Adam Izsay had an intense battle with the better ending for Bultynck. Jesper Rasmussen and Jan Ratheisky took fourth and fifth place in the second final.

A3– With race winner Lukas Ellerbrock watching the last A-Main from the side-line, the battle for the remaining podium positions was still undecided as the third final got started. Bultynck had a good start, but Izsay was directly pressuring him with a lot of tension. Bultynck had to show his best driving to keep Izsay behind and was able to bring home the win in A3 which ensured him second place overall on the podium. Adam Izsay finished third in the last run, the same position he took on the podium.

Winner B-Main: Benjamin Elsasser (FR)
Winner C-Main: Michel Zierold (DE)
Winner D-Main: Emely Ratheisky (DE)

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Borschel is the king of Arena33 and wins from second on the grid

A2– Henrik Heitsch was able to break away from the rest of the field in the first minute of the second A-Main. But Roman Borschel was never giving up and got quicker until the end of the race. He was super close to Heitschi in the last 30 seconds of the race and attacked him in the penultimate lap. Borschel dived to the inside of the corner after the very long right turn in the infield section. He was on the inside and a wheel ahead as the cars got in contact and Heitsch`s ARC rolled over. It was a hard, but fair move (when looking on the Gens Ace Replay in the livestream), and Borschel was able to drive to the win after this. Henrik Heitsch still finished second in A2, followed by Adam Izsay in third place. Congratulations to Roman Borschel for taking a hard-fought win away from Arena33.

A3– Henrik Heitsch was able to win the last final which puts him second overall on the podium. Not the win he was aiming for, but a strong result for the new ARC FWD car anyway. Behind A3 winner Heitsch we saw close (and sometimes hard) battles for the positions. Marwin Riedelbauch finished second in the last A-Main, with Max Weffers and Adam Izsay right in tow. The overall result is: 1st Roman Borschel, 2nd  Henrik Heitsch, 3rd Adam Izsay.

Winner B-Main: Phil Langner (DE)
Winner C-Main: Carlos Gabriel do Pinhal (LU)
Winner D-Main: Emely Ratheisky (DE)
Winner E-Main: Manuel Hähnel (DE)
Winner F-Main: Arjan Putters (NL)

1up Racing 40+ Masters

Another first time ETS winner as Thalheimer takes the big trophy home

A2– After a good start, Mirco Thalheimer was leading the field around the first corners until he made a very small mistake on the curb before coming onto the main straight. Toni Mateo went by, just to give the lead back to Thalheimer at the end of the straightway again. The leaders battled hard and changed positions for two more times before they both touched each other and lost their positions. Sometimes, intense racing is costly!
Michel Zierold took full advantage of this incident and won the second A-Main from third on the grid in front of a strong driving Frank Fuchs, and Werner Schmitzer. The decision for the win was on the line in A3.

A3– Mirco Thalheimer got off the line and immediately saw the car of Michel Zierold in his rear-view mirror. Toni Mateo was not racing anymore in A3, the same as Torsten Baggendorf and it was all about Michel Zierold to hunt TQ Mirco Thalheimer down. Thalheimer had to keep the dark shadow of Zierold behind for the entire 5 minutes and did an amazing job to seal his first ever ETS race win. Congratulations Mirco, well deserved! Beside Thalheimer, Michel Zierold took second overall, and Werner Schmitzer celebrated his third place on the podium with the CR7 shoutout “Siuuuuuuuuuuuu”

Winner B-Main: Jens Haller (DE)
Winner C-Main: Thorsten Schiller (DE)

Orca 21.5 Stock

Clean sweep from Bergheim as he wins in a dominant way

A2– Tristan Bergheim got the job done – he is the winner of the Orca 21.5 Stock class here in Andernach after another clean victory from start to finish. Behind him, Phil Langner was once again able to benefit from a small mistake of Timo Siebert in front of him. Bergheim, Langner, and Siebert was the running order as the cars crossed the finish line and Karl-Heinz Moritz and Kai Gerhard took fourth and fifth place. Congratulations to Tristan Bergheim for his second victory of the season.

A3– The remaining podium positions had been up for grabs in A3 and it was a fight between Timo Siebert and Phil Langner for second and third overall.  After a clean run, Timo Siebert was able to win A3 ahead of a faster looking Phil Langner in second, and Alexander Bremer in third place. Robert Kampehl and Lien Lu completed the top 5 in the last A-Main. Timo Siebert and Phil Langner joined Tristan Bergheim on the podium at ETS RD3 in Andernach.

Winner B-Main: Jan Vogler (DE)

ToniSport Formula

Ehrbar is the overall winner at ETS RD3 in Germany

A2– After a good start, Andreas Stiebler (Schumacher) was all over David Ehrbar (Xray) for some laps. But as the race continued, Ehrbar could pull a small gap to Stiebler and was able to bring home the win in A2 after a brilliant drive. It`s been a long time since Ehrbar has won a Formula race at the ETS and he was very delighted after he crossed the finish line. Andreas took second place again and Jan Ratheisky finished third. Luka Jovicic and Robert Kampehl rounded out the top 5 in the second ToniSport Formula A-Main.

A3– Race winner David Ehrbar was not on the line in A3 anymore and Andreas Stiebler took the win to seal his second place overall at Arena33. This result is very important for him as he still has a comfortable lead in the championship rankings. Tomas Sova and Herbert Weber finished second in third in the last final while Luka Jovicic joins David Ehrbar and Andreas Stiebler on the Arena33 podium.