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Mid-season update – ETS Season #16 2023/24

The sixteenth season of the Euro Touring Series is at half-time. The ETS circus will stop for RD4 at the Transworld Hotel Auefeld in Hann. Münden (GER) in November, until RD5 will take us to the famous Sporthotel Grafenwald in Daun (GER) in February 2024. Daun was the last race of the season in the last few ETS campaigns, and now the season finale will take place in March in new facility in Wiener-Neustadt (AUT).

Constant number of entries at well-known outdoor tracks

The ETS team is looking back on three great outdoor races in Apeldoorn, Aigen-Schlägl, and Andernach which all attracted 200+ drivers to come and race with us. In times where some other racing series had been struggling with entries, we are proud and happy to have this amazing support from all of YOU.
A secret of this success are the great locations we can visit each and every year. The AMCA Apeldoorn is a big part of the ETS since many years and everybody likes to be there. We will do everything to keep Apeldoorn on the schedule for next season.

After racing in Aigen-Schlägl for the first time in 2022 with “only” 148 entries, the ETS sticked to the location for 2023 as we only received amazing feedback after the first event there. Everything developed well, and this year we have seen 202 racers on the list of entries – a clear upwards trend which means that we will also try to come back to Aigen in the upcoming ETS Season #17.

Finally, there is not much to say about Arena33 in Andernach. This track saved the ETS in the Covid-19 pandemic where we raced there many times to keep racing alive. Also afterwards, the ETS was always meeting in the hometown of Marc, Toni, and Uwe Rheinard to race on the ground of the DJK Andernach. Right now, we are feeling a little “Andernach Overload” from the last years which means that we will try to replace Arena33 with a different location for the new season.

It is never easy to find a good track for ETS racing with a motivated club, a good infrastructure, covered pits, and everything else we need for proper ETS racing. We will switch our radar on to see what we can do to get something fresh onto the race calendar of season #17.

For this moment we like to say THANK YOU again to all the fantastic clubs and people which helped us to make the outdoor season a real blast!

Indoor season ahead – let`s roll out some carpet!

The next three races will see the ETS racing on carpet again. For RD4 in Hann. Münden we have already 240 entries and it would be nice to break the wall of 300 there. After the Germany races of RD4 in Hann. Münden and RD5 in famous Daun, our season final race will take place in the fantastic Arena Nova in Wiener-Neustadt, AUT. We are already super excited to travel to a new location which looks simply fantastic.

Rules for indoor racing

We have updated the rules for indoor racing on our website. Here are the most important facts again:

Gearing for all our stock touring car classes: max. 4,5
Tires for TC: Matrix EPC-028
Tires FWD: Ride RI-26082
Tires for F1: Contac
Body Shell List: No changes

All championships are still open and we can expect some great fights when it comes to carpet racing again. Until then, we wish everybody a lot of fun racing RC cars and preparing for the ETS indoor events. A preview report will follow soon before ETS RD4 🙂

See you soon at the track.

Uwe, Scotty, and the whole ETS team!