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Urbain tops controlled practice in super close modified class

Controlled Practice Report, ETS RD4 Season #16 2023/24

Matrix Modified

The seeding practice of the Matrix Modified class saw Lucas Urbain (Awesomatix) on top of the board. Lucas improved his pace a lot throughout all practice sessions and had a comfortable looking gap of almost three tenths of a seconds over the rest of the field.
Behind Urbain, it was as close as you cannot imagine. With only half a second between P2 and P10, the fight for the spots of the A-Main starting grid will be very intense in qualifying. Jan Ratheisky was driving super-fast and will start from second place, followed by the Yokomo of Yannic Prümper, Mugen Seiki`s Ronald Völker, and Awesomatix Marc Rheinard.

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Lucas Urbain (FR) 36.779 Awesomatix|Orca  
2. Jan Ratheisky (DE) 37.058 Xray|Hobbywing
3. Yannic Prümper (DE) 37.107 Yokomo|Orca
4. Ronald Völker (DE) 37.109 Mugen Seiki|LRP
5. Marc Rheinard (DE) 37.243 Awesomatix|Orca

Awesomatix ProStock

Benson, Bultynck, and Izsay leading Pro Stock class into qualiying

In the Awesomatix Pro Stock class, ETS track designer Tim Benson was the fastest at the end of controlled practice with his self-modified, so called “Jambo Two” car. Olivier Bultynck was second with his Awesomatix and hie main championship contenders Adam Izsay and Lukas Ellerbrock will start from P3 and P4 into the top heat.

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Tim Benson (DE) 39.708 Jambo Two
2. Olivier Bultynck (BE) 39.755 Awesomatix
3. Adam Izsay (HU) 39.844 Xray
4. Lukas Ellerbrock (DE) 39.968 Awesomatix
5. Jan Ratheisky (DE) 40.974 Xray

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Izsay in the fast lane, Myrberg in the slipstream

Andam Izsay from Hungary is the top seed in the Hobbywing Frontwheel class. He will start first into qualifying with Iris car designer Andreas Myrberg in second, and Xray`s Jacques Libar in third place. Seeding practice is “only” about three hot laps, and now it is time for every driver to show their real 5 minute pace on track.

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Adam Izsay (HU) 46.840 Xray
2. Andreas Myrberg (SE) 46.980 Iris
3. Jacques Libar (LU) 47.031 Xray
4. Adam Southgate (GB) 47.082
5. Henrik Heitsch (DE) 47.119 ARC

1up Racing 40+ Masters

Altenhof catapults to the top

Joachim Altenhof (Awesomatix) had a ballistic run in the second round of seeding practice of the 1up Racing 40+ Masters class. He was 0.010 of a second faster as reigning champion Manuel Stankowitz who looked also very strong with the new Iris car. Werner Schmitzer drove to third place with his Xray car and is another contender for the TQ spot. Michel Zierold (Awesomatix) and René Kölbel (Xray) made it into the top 5 of a very close 40+ Masters class. Who will have the strongest nerves and pace in qualifying? We will find out about that very soon!

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Joachim Altenhof (DE) 42.421 Awesomatix
2. Manuel Stankowitz (DE) 42.431 Iris
3. Werner Schmitzer (AT) 42.524 Xray
4. Michel Zierold (DE) 42.643 Awesomatix
5. René Kölbel (AT) 42.743 Xray

Orca 21.5 Stock

Bergheim is your 21.5 Stock top seed at ETS RD4

Tristan Bergheim was the fastest driver in seeding practice with Phil Langner right in tow. With both drivers only separated by half a tenth, it is already clear that they are facing a close battle in the upcoming 4 rounds of qualifying. Jan Petersen, Tobias Baumbach, and Nadine Zühlke rounded out the top 5 in seeding practice of the Orca 21.5 Stock class.

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. Phil Langner (DE) 42.327 Awesomatix
2. Tristan Bergheim (DE) 42.377 Awesomatix
3. Jan Petersen (DE) 43.251 Yokomo
4. Tobias Baumbach (DE) 43.336 Xray
5. Nadine Zühlke (DE) 43.346 ARC

ToniSport Formula

Ehrbar will lead the Formula drivers into qualifying

Xray`s David Ehrbar is top seed in the ToniSport Formula class. Andreas Stiebler and the rest of the top 5 had been on almost the same pace as Ehrbar, who just turned the faster three consecutive laps on track at the Transworld Hotel. Qualifying will start immediately and we will watch the fight for the TQ in round one of qualifying!

The Top 5 after controlled practice (3 consecutive laps)

1. David Ehrbar (DE) 40.572 Xray
2. Andreas Stiebler (AT) 40.829 Schumacher
3. Michal Wojcik (PL) 40.921
4. Jan Ratheisky (DE) 40.951 Xray
5. Adam Southgate (DE) 41.035