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Awesomatix and Urbain claim pole position at ETS RD4

Q3 + Q4 Report, ETS RD4 Season #16 2023/24

Qualifying is over here at ETS RD4 Season #16 2023/24 at the Transworld Hotel Auefeld in Hann. Münden. The first leg of A-Mains will take place now, and after some very close qualifyings, we are expecting some thrilling races in the city of Hann. Münden at ETS RD4.

Matrix Modified

Clean sweep for Urbain who will start ahead of Völker and Rheinard

Q3 – It was another TQ run for Lucas Urbain (Awesomatix) going on in Q3 of the Matrix Modified class. All drivers were fully sending their cars around the track, and it was spectacular to watch as always.
In the first minute, Yokomo`s Christopher Krapp was on top of the board before Lucas Urbain moved back to the top – followea2qd by Ronald Völker who had not the best first minute on track. But Ronald was picking up pace again and tried everything to catch Lucas. He took another second place overall after the intense five-minute run. Marc Rheinard was also touching a curb here and there and third place was the best he could get out of an imperfect run. It is the first “Indoor TQ” for Lucas Urbain at the ETS and we are already excited to see him starting from the sweet spot in A1 which will take place later today!

Q4 – In the ultimate round of Modified qualifying, Lucas Urbain took another win making it a so called “clean sweep”. But what looked like a walk in the park on paper, was a lot of work to do for Urbain and his Awesomatix A800R. Marc Rheinard and Christopher Krapp were leading the race in the beginning, before Yannic Prümper appeared on top of the timing screen. It was a super close fight and P2 on the grid was the price to win.
But before anybody could snatch P2 away from Mugen Seiki`s Ronald Völker, it was again Urbain who took the win ending all the hopes of Prümper to climb up the ladder. Marc Rheinard flew off the track in the last 30 seconds of the race and was out of contention as well. The first A-Main will be on the line this evening and everybody is locked and loaded.
Starting order: Urbain, Völker, Rheinard, Prümper, Krapp, Wahl, Ratheisky, manzo, Gollner, Stadler

Awesomatix ProStock

Ellerbrock and Bultynck to hunt TQ Izsay in triple A-Mains

Q3 – Olivier Bultynck was the winner of Q3 with his Awesomatix A800R and was keeping his chances for the pole position alive. However, it was a super close heat of Pro Stock qualifying in which Adam Izsay was leading before he flipped his X4-2024 once and lost important time. Jan Ratheisky, Olivier Bultynck, and Lukas Ellerbrock battled it out until the last lap where Bultynck had the advantage of 0.1 seconds over Ratheisky. With the decision for TQ shifted to Q4, it was Olivier Bultynck who needed to set a faster overall time as the current fastest time of Adam Izsay if he wanted to steal the pole position away from the Xray driver.

Q4 – The last round of Pro Stock qualifying saw a much-improved Lukas Ellerbrock taking the win ahead of Bultynck and Ratheisky. This result handed the TQ over to Izsay who will see Bultynck and Ellerbrock in his rear-view mirror on the starting grid later this evening. Jan Ratheisky and Enrico Jung (missed Thursday practice!) will line up in fourth and fifth place.

Hobbywing Frontwheel

Showdown for pole position in Q4 – Izsay grabbed it!

Q3 – Xray`s Adam Izsay was the fastest driver in the top heat of the Hobbywing Frontwheel class. Manuel Stankowitz (Iris) posted the second fastest time out of the second fastest heat again. Phil Langner (Awesomatix), Andreas Myrberg (Iris), and Henrik Heitsch (AR) rounded out the top 5. The showdown for pole position was going to happen between Stankowitz and Izsay in Q4 with a clear advantage for Izsay who already had two TQ runs to his favour (including the fastest overall time)

Q4 – After Manuel Stankowitz was not able to beat Adam Izsay`s best runtime in the second fastest group, the decision for the overall TQ was already made before Adam Izsay started into his last heat of FWD qualifying at the Transworld Hotel. However, Adam did not slow down and posted another win to show that he is the man to beat in the finals. Manuel Stankowitz will line up second on the grid with the new Iris car and Phil Langner also made it into the top 3. Henrik Heitsch and Adam Southgate rounded out overall the top 5 in qualifying and we are already looking forward to the finals where we expect some nice battles throughout the field.

1up Racing 40+ Masters

Baggendorf to start on pole position after Mateo binned Q4 while leading

Q3 – After Toni Mateo had taken Q2, Torsten Baggendorf was back on top of the game in the third 40+ Masters qualifier. Torsten Baggendorf and Manuel Stankowitz had an amazing battle for the win in this heat driving in a couple of tenths all the time. In the end, the ARC driver Baggendorf had the better ending with 0.15 of a second. The decision for the overall TQ came down to the line in Q4.

Q4 – Torsten “Totti” Baggendorf is your overall top qualifier at ETS RD4 in Germany. He took the first two qualifiers which had been enough for him to claim the best spot on the grid. Toni Mateo from Gran Canaria was the only driver with a chance to steal the TQ away from Baggendorf in Q4, but after Mateo made a huge mistake in the infield section after overtaking Baggendorf (who let him enough space), it was clear that the pole position was save for Baggendorf. Bad luck for Mateo, but is was an unlucky race incident. Congratulations for your first ETS TQ “Bagge”! The top 5 on the starting grid of the 1up Racing 40+ Masters class are: Baggendorf (TQ), Stankowitz, Mateo, Zierold, and Schindler!

Orca 21.5 Stock

Langner seals first ETS pole position of his very young career

Q3 – Cool like an ice cube – that is probably the best way to describe the performance of young Phil Langner. With his third TQ run in a row, he sealed the pole position for the finals. What a great success for the young and very talented racer. Tristan Bergheim, his hardest competitor this weekend, dropped down in the middle of the run after a small mistake. Nadine Zühlke took second place for the run (how cool is that), and Tobias Baumbach finished in third place. The whole ETS crew likes to congratulate Phil Langner for his first ETS TQ – well done Phil!

Q4 – Nothing new at the top as Phil Langner continued to win. Tristan Bergheim finished second again and will start directly behind Langner into the triple A-Mains. Nadine Zühlke secured herself a great third place on the grid with Jan Petersen and Tobias Baumbach right behind.

ToniSport Formula

Pole position for Xray`s very strong Ratheisky

Q3 – Jan Ratheisky has finally claimed a pole position again in the ToniSport Formula class. After winning all the first three qualifiers, his Xray car will roll into the first box on the grid for the triple A-Mains. Behind TQ Ratheisky, the fight for the positions is still alive and David Ehrbar (Xray) has the best chances to grab second place on the grid so far. Michal Wojcik and Andreas Stiebler were sitting in P3 and P4 before the last round of qualifying started!

Q4 – In the last round of Formula qualifying, Jan Ratheisky was not driving to “save his car for the finals”. David Ehrbar took full advantage and won the round. He will start second on the grid behind Ratheisky. Andreas Stiebler, Michal Wojcik, and Robert Kampehl booked themselves positions three to five on the grid for the triple A-Mains!