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Axon publishes more pictures of TC10/3 touring car

Japanese company Axon has publiched more pictures and information about their new (and first) complete touring car kit – the TC10/3. The release date is still open, but we like to share the new imopressions with you as Axon is one of the ETS supporting companies.

The AXON TC10 has continuously evolved as a high-end touring car with outstanding performance under the product concept of providing the ultimate high-end touring car.

The new TC10/3 is a masterpiece of the highest order, offering not only speed, but also a refined handling experience and a total balance to a higher dimension.

Axon is pleased to present the details of the machine and its price as a pre-release.

More detailed information will be released at a later date, so please look forward to it!

List price 99.800 yen (excluding tax)

Please note that some parts may be different from the product.

You can find out about the features of the car HERE: