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Yokomo BD12 Aluminum Chassis and Horizontal Body Mounts

Yokomo has released two now products for their current BD12 touring car platform which will be available in europe very soon. Find out about the new stuff in Yokomo`s official product description:


As we are about to head to a brand new 2024, we would like to introduce a new aluminium chassis for the BD12!!The center of gravity is lowered by using an aluminium, which is also effective as a high-side countermeasure. A must-use chassis on carpet surface, medium-high grip asphalt, or sugared outdoor tracks.

Body Mounts

Compatible with rear body posts that protrude rearward, such as
BD12, these mounting parts reliably receive downforce and increase rear traction.
Compatible with Twister/Twister Special bodies, the mounting parts are secured to the body using the wing fixing screws. Offset can be adjusted by using the fixing direction of the parts and the included spacers. The height of the body can also be fine-tuned by adjusting spacers on the body post side, such as BD12. This optional part is highly beneficial for race users as it can minimize problems caused by body damage due to crashes, etc.