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Hobbywing adding Dankel and Greiner to Factory Team

After announcing the signing of Simon Lauter and Olivier Bultynck two days ago, Hobbywing is adding two more rockets to their arsenal of amazing drivers. This time, we are talking about Awesomatix driver Eric Dankel, and Serpent`s Dominic Greiner!

Official Hobbywing announcement

We can’t wait to announce that two former top nitro on-road drivers Eric Dankel and Dominic Greiner RC have decided one after another to switch to electric car racing and unanimously chose HOBBYWING as their power brand. Eric already showed his great performance in recent ETS seasons while Dominic announced his switch to electrical class just one month ago. We believe that their rich racing experience and driving skills will bring us even more exciting competition at the track! We’ll continue pushing boundaries and achieving greatness. Welcome to HOBBYWING winning team!


Source: Hobbywing (Facebook)