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Interview with Nadine Zühlke

Hi, and thank you for taking the time for us.

ETS: You’ve been driving a front-wheel drive car for two years and have always finished in the top 20 this season. Why did you suddenly switch to a touring car chassis?

Nadine: The switch only came about because I used to drive Torsten’s touring car and I simply enjoy it more.

After your first touring car race, what was your impression and will you stick with it?

I think it’s a shame that the competition in the 21.5 class isn’t that strong. The top two are slightly ahead of 3rd and 4th. Nevertheless, it was a good race and I will continue to take part.

After a few weeks have passed. A P4 from a standing start in the Stock 21.5 class is fantastic, or is the disappointment of missing out on a podium place still greater?

The disappointment is there, of course. But I’m also happy about 4th place. Jan (Petersen) is not a bad driver either 😉

We know that you train regularly in Hasloh. Some of the drivers who have also trained on the track there said that a good placing was definitely on the cards for you. It was also clear that it was a new track in Hann. Münden and that you wouldn’t be able to complete the laps on your usual training track. In which final run did you estimate yourself before Hann. Münden?

Well, as I said, there aren’t that many drivers in the class, so I was actually expecting a good B final place. But of course the ambition is there and you always want to be among the front runners.

If I am correctly informed, you are driving an Awesomatix A800MMX and not an A800R. How has this come, and are you planning an upgrade to the A800R or, for example, a switch to an ARC A10-23 or Iris ONE?

I got the A800MMX for my birthday at the beginning of last year. So I drove that one. However, the A800R is currently on its way to me. ARC or Iris is not an option for me at the moment.

The question is not meant to be a “Me too” question ;=) Do you work on your Awesomatix yourself?

I try to do everything myself, yes. But of course with tips from Torsten or others.

Then: What are your experiences so far as a woman in RC sports? Especially with regard to other women outside of RC who may have reservations.

It’s a shame, of course, that so few women have such a hobby. A few more on the ETS wouldn’t hurt either. But I just think that this hobby will remain more of a “man’s thing”.

For round 5 in Daun, do you have a fixed prctice plan for Hasloh or do you train whenever you can?

There is no fixed training schedule. The weekends are used, of course. Unfortunately, it’s difficult during the week because of work.

We can assume that Tristan and Phil will be battling it out for first place. Will you now turn the anticipated duel between Timo and Tobi into a three-way fight for the remaining podium place? Or will it even be a four-way fight if Jan also races in Daun and Vienna?

I assume you mean the final ranking. I don’t look at these at all, as I’m only doing a maximum of 3 races this season. I don’t know how many races the others have at the end. I want to try to get the best out of it and of course have fun and everything else will follow.

Thanks for being part of the ETS family and we see you in Daun!