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5 things we learned from ETS RD5 Season #16 in Daun, GER

Today we like to inform you about the 5 things we have learned from ETS RD5 Season #16 2023/24. Read about the Cantina Crew, Adam Izsay`s ballistic weekend, the EAM battery debut, a new version of our “Under the Hood” reports, and the Ratheisky family collecting MANY trophies…

1) Adam Izsay on fire – he was “the driver of the weekend”

Xray driver Adam Izsay was “the man of the weekend” as Marc Rheinard said in the final press conference on Sunday afternoon. The racer from Hungary had his best weekend of RC racing ever at the Sporthotel Grafenwald in Daun, and it was very impressive to watch him on- and off the track. Izsay had signed up for the FWD class and Pro Stock before the event, and decided to also register for modified while he was already onhis way to Daun.

Adam did an amazing job all weekend long. He was TQ in FWD, the class he crowned himself already as the champion, and took the win after some very close finals with Roman Borschel. In Pro Stock, he lost some points to his championship rival Ollie Bultynck, but still managed to finish second overall. The Matrix Modified class was the cherry on the cream for Izsay, fighting with the top dogs of the sport. Adam qualified third, and took second overall. He was totally on pace with Rheinard, Orlowski, and all the others and he has set more than just an exclamation mark.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ADAM FOR THIS AMAZING WEEKEND. The “One to Watch” award he received from Scotty and Uwe was well-deserved!

I just thought that I could also run Modified because of the long time between all the heats in Daun. I was not really prepared, but I used a setup I got from the team and it worked out very good for me. I hoped to make the A-Main and then things did turn out much better than expected. It was a great experience to run on top of the modified class and I enjoyed it a lot.

Adam Izsay (HU) Xray |Hobbywing

2) EAM Batteries winning big in Pro Stock – can they come close to LRP in case of battery dominance?

We saw the EAM batteries from US company “EA Motorsports” in use for the first time at the ETS. The battery line from US racer Eric Anderson is now officially avaiable in europe and teammanager Max Mächler has already found some ver good drivers using them in their cars. Awesomatix racer and Pro Stock championship contender Ollie Bultynck was rocking the EAM 5000mAh pack and was able to TQ and win the race in front of Adam Izsay (Nosram), and Lukas Ellerbrock (LRP). A perfect debut for EAM!

I really like my EAM batteries. The power is great and I am really impressed so far. I am happy that I could win the race for all my sponsors, and especially for EAM at their first official ETS event!

Ollie Bultynck (BE) Awesomatix | EAM

It will be exciting to see how their presence will continue at the ETS beside the currently most dominant battery supplier LRP / Nosram. When looking onto the tech charts, LRP is still the dominant force in all stock classes with their 5100 battery being the most popular right now. Other companies such as Gens Ace, Ruddog, Orca, Intellect, EZ-Power, and others, are fighting for the other pieces of the battery cake.

3) Under the Hood “IN MOTION” – amazing stuff from RC Racing TV

The crew from RC Racint TV around Mat McCallum came around with a nice idea at ETS Rd5 in Daun. “Let`s do some Under the Hood stuff with the camera, like short video clips” was what Mat said. The media team was right on it and they produced some veeery cool “Under the Hood IN MOTION” viedos from the Yokomo BD12 of Christopher Krapp, and the Awesomatix A800R of Ollie Bultynck.

What was kind of a first try turned out into something amazing. We will do more videos like these in the future and we can already post some more of them in the next weeks as Mat did two more recordings in Daun – be excited!

These video clips from RC Racint TV are MEGA. We already received a massive feedback and people seem to like these clips a lot. We will do more of that in the future and I am very happy that the team from RC Racing TV has many great ideas to make the coverage of the ETS even better!

Patrick Beck (DE) ETS Media Team

4) Well deserved special award for the great “Cantina Crew”

Since two years, we are giving the “Spirit of the Event” award away at every ETS. This time, the crew from the cantina received it. The cantina in Daun was under direction of Tobias Baumbach and Jörg Buchner. In their daily life, they are co-owners of the “Hotel Villa am Rhein” in Andernach. They did such a great job with their workdays having 16 hours all the time.

It was a very exhausting few days here in Daun for my team and me. But we had so many great conversations and met so many friends that the days flew by. We’ll be back again for the EOS – let’s go!

Tobias Baumbach (DE)

Gerd Dippel and Laura Langner (sister of ETS racer Phil Langner) were helping them during the event and the ETS crew is super proud and thankful for the work they did. Almost every racer who posted a summary of the event on social media thanked them as well for their hard work which clearly shows that the ETS racers were appreciating what they did. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

5) Ratheisky family winning the most trophies 🙂

Jan Ratheisky is colloecing trophies since many years – that`s nothing new 🙂 But since two years, he is visiting most of our races with his entire family. His wife Svantje, his daughter Emely, his son Marlon, and his father Kai Asmer had been in Daun and they really worked together as a team. It is cool to see three generations racing together and Marlon and Emely are improving race by race.

This time, Jan received three trophy plates for his F1, Pro Stock, and Modified results. Svantje won her D-Main in the Orca 21.5 Stock class, Emely took the win in the D-Main of the ToniSport Formula class, and Marlon won the Formula E-Main. That`s a total of SIX trophies for the Ratheisky family – isn`t that cool? We like to say THANK YOU to the Ratheisky family for supporting the ETS in a great way – see you soon!