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5 reasons to visit the ETS season finale in Austria

Why the final race of ETS Season #16 is a MUST GO…..

Normally you know our headlines as “5 THINGS…” but this week we will give you at least “5 REASONS” to make the trip to the final race of ETS Season #16 2023/24 at Arena Nova in Wiener Neustadt, AUT.

We are already counting 180 entries, even if the race is still 5 weeks away from us. The plannings for ETS RD6 are already in full swing together with the hosting club 1. MRC Wiener Neustadt, and the facility Arena Nova which has listed our event on their official event calendar now!

1) Champions to be crowned

Nothing new on this one but we are already looking forward to crown the overall champions in all our six ETS racing classes. The fight for the title is still open in 4 classes and that is a reason enough to be right there when the title contenders will battle it out on track.

Tristan Bergheim, Phil Langner, Michel Zierold, Mirco Thalheimer, René Kölbel, Olivier Bultynck, Adam Izsay, Ronald Völker, Marc Rheinard, Lucas Urbain, and Michal Orlowski will all travel to Wiener Neustadt with a chance for the thitle in their racing class – that is really awesome!

2) Drivers’ dinner with authentic Austrian cuisine

The 1. MRC Wiener Neustadt will organize a drivers dinner with typical Austrian food. We are trying to have our drivers dinner on Friday evening and we will build the time schedule around it. There will be something great with meat, and they will also offer a tasty vegetarian meal.

We will inform you in the next weeks how to pre-order your meal of choice and we hope that all of you will attend the drivers dinner to spend a nice evening with us at the season finale.

By the way: The Tombola will take place at the same evening 🙂

3) Tombola with a free ticket for every racer

Years ago, the huge tombola raffle was one of the highlights at every ETS Season Finale. Due to several reasons, the tombola was not showing up anymore in the last years. But as we think that it is always great to win a nice price, we have contacted all our wonderful sponsors and asked them for their support.

Luckily, most of them are supporting us now with some nice products for the event at Arena Nova. Every racer will receive at least one free ticket and we will then raffle off the great prizes during the drivers’ dinner on Friday evening – GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY 🙂

4) Frequent ETS racers to receive special gifts

All the frequent ETS racers will receive their “special gift” at the Season Finale in Wiener Neustadt. How to become a frequent driver? Well, if you are attending 5 or 6 ETS races in one season you have completed the mission. Last year, everybody with 5 or 6 races received a personalised ETS setup board and we have seen those in the pits many times during the actual season!

What will drivers get this time? For sure we won`t tell you now…. The only hot tip: It will not be a setup board again 🙂

5) Dash 4 Cash might happen….

Well, this one is not 100% confirmed but our wish is to do a Dash 4 Cash again in Wiener Neustadt. We know that this was a highlight back in the past at many races. Nowadays, our time schedules are not allowing us to do a Dash 4 Cash very often, but we will try our very best to make it happen at the ETS Season Finale…. Stay tuned!

You don`t know what Dash 4 Cash is? Well, be patient and you will find out about it at Arena Nova in March 2024 🙂