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RC MAKER announces SP1 touring and SP1-F FWD car!

Very interesting news have reached the RC community today. RC Maker from Australia will bring out their very first touring car and FWD car this year. Company owner and car designer Ryan Maker is already on his way to the TITC in Bangkok, Thailand where he will debut the car with an SP1 prototype.

Ryan has worked very hard behind the scenes with his team and his partners in the last year to make his “biggest dream” happen and now, the first ever RC Maker touring car is ready to race. The TITC will be a first official race outing for Ryan with the car and he will use the track time to learn even more about his new platform in the very challenging conditions of the RC Addict raceway in Bangkok. We will keep an aey on this amazing project and will provide you all the news until the car will reach the hobbyshops for sale…. stay tuned for the RC Maker SP1!

Our biggest dream is becoming a reality, thanks to you! Thanks to our incredible growth over the past 6 years, owner Ryan Maker has been able to undertake this massive project. Designing, manufacturing and releasing our very own 1/10th EP Touring Car and 1/10th EP FWD Touring Car, the SP1 and SP1-F. Prototype testing is well underway, and we are very happy with the progress so far. Of course in typical RC MAKER fashion, you can expect something a bit outside of the box, pushing the limits, the only way we know…  Stay tuned for the official release…

RC Maker – Australia