ETS Super Pole “Test Run” during RD3 Season #15 2022/23 at Arena33 in Andernach

The Euro Touring Series only grew and got as famous as it is nowadays , because the crew around Scotty Ernst and Uwe Rheinard always aimed for the best experience for all drivers.
It is not a secret that our racing format is not super exciting to watch before we head into the finals – especially when somebody is watching without having all the knowledge about RC racing in detail. At the last race in Andernach, we made a test run to try something new at the ETS. We will discuss in the next months, if something like that should be implemented into our series for the next season!

Super Pole – a spectacle in the world of nitro onroad racing

The Super Pole is a fixed size at all major events in the world of nitro onroad racing. The TQ is set for the main final and is not running in the semi finals. A huge benefit, as semi finals are always an additional risk of not making the final because of crashes, technical problems, and bad luck. That means, even if you had qualified second, you still can lose everything in the semi finals!
In the Super Pole, the drivers who have qualified from second to fifth on the grid (4 drivers) are on the line. Everybody is driving alone on the track, and gets for example 5 laps to drive. The fastest lap is counting to the decide the Super Pole winner. A lot of pressure and attention to each driver on the drivers stand – and a great show with everyody watching around the track. The winner of the Super Pole earns second on the grid behind the TQ and doesn`t need to run in the semi finals as well. That is what makes the super pole so attractice in Nitro racing!

What is our idea of a “Electric Super Pole”?

Our idea is, to do a super pole run with the top 3 or top 5 after qualifying, before the A-Main finals. But as we don`t like to change the starting grid with this super pole (like in nitro), we are thinking of an “Additional Championship Point” for the winner of the super pole. One point can be very important at the sharp end of the championship, and this kind of format could bring some more heat to every ETS event.

Watch the video!

How does it work?

We will do it in the same way as in Nitro. Everybody gets one warmup lap before then driving 3, or 5 fast laps on track. We will count the fastest 2 laps to make it even more important to not only nail one perfect lap. The winner of the Super Pole gets one extra point for the championship. Until now, it is only an idea, and nothing is decided yet. But we did a test run at Arena33 during ETS RD3 with the top 3 of the Awesomatix Pro Stock class after qualifying.
Max Mächler (TQ), Simon Lauter (2nd), and Jan Ratheisky (3rd) had been on the line and Jan Ratheisky drove the fastest laps, winning the Super Pole test run. He would have earned the “extra point” for the championship in this case. Watch our video to see what was going on in Andernach.
By the way: The drivers must do their laps in the opposite direction as racing goes – not an easy task without any practice 🙂

What do you think?

Would you like to see this format at the ETS? leave some comments below the video or below our social media posting on Facebook. Maybe you will race in the Super Pole at the ETS one day 🙂

Uwe, Scotty, and the whole ETS crew!