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ETS YOUNG TALENTS – Interview with Nele Knodel

In our series of “Young Guns” Interview we are presenting you our young drivers attending the Euro Touring Series. One of them is Nele Knodel from Rechenberg (Baden-Wurttemberg) Germany. We took some time to talk to Nele about RC racing and her life beside the racetrack. Enjoy another ETS “Young Guns” Interview.

ETS – Hello Nele, great that you took the time for us. How are you doing after your last ETS race in Andernach?

Nele – Thank you, I’m doing very well. I am still enjoying the holidays at home 🙂

ETS – You finished 15th in the Arena33, which was certainly not a bad result in a strong field of drivers. How did the race go from your point of view?

Nele – Actually, I am quite satisfied with the result. Surely it could have been a bit better, but I’m already looking ahead to the next one.

ETS – When did you start with the RC hobby and on which race track did you do your first, real laps?

Nele – I started, when I was 10 years old, on the indoor track of the Mini Car Club Crailsheim e.V.

ETS – Can you still remember your first remote-controlled car?

Nele – Yes for sure, it was a Tamiya TT-02 that my dad built for me. A great car to get started back in these days!

ETS – You live in Rechenberg, a small town in Baden-Württemberg. Are there many clubs and race tracks in your area? Do you belong to a club, if so which one?

Nele – Unfortunately, most of the tracks are a bit further away from us. I belong to the Mini Car Club Crailsheim e.V. and the RC MSC Greuthof. We race indoors in Crailsheim and outdoors in Greuthof most of the time.

ETS – Who do you usually travel with to the races? Do you also work on the set-up of your cars yourself, or do you have someone who does that for you?

Nele – I always go to the races with my dad. I do some of the setup work myself, only when it gets too complicated I still need some support.

ETS – Do you train often, or do you try to do as many races as possible? 

Nele – In the summer months we usually only race, in the winter we often train on Saturday or Sunday on the indoor carpet track in Crailsheim.

ETS – What is your favourite race track, and why?

Nele – I don’t really have a favourite track, but I really enjoy racing in Bad Berneck at the Race Arena. It’s not a very big track, but it’s challenging.

ETS – The races of the Euro Touring Series are special just because of their size. Do you also race in other, smaller races? Do you remember where you did your first race?

Nele – Yes, I mostly race at smaller races like the RCK Challenge, RCK Kleinserie, TC Indoor Masters and ToniSport Onroad Series. My first race was at the age of 11 in Plauen where I started in the Rookie class at the LRP-HPI Challenge (Rookie).

ETS – What cars do you currently have in your fleet, and why did you choose these cars in particular?

Nele – I just switched from ARC to Awesomatix A800MMX because I wanted a new challenge. So far, I am really pleased with the handling and the speed of my A800MMX.

ETS – What fascinates you most about RC car driving?

Nele – I like the technology, how the whole thing has to be built up and coordinated with each other.

ETS – As you can easily see, the boys outnumber the boys at ETS. Is it an additional incentive for you to beat the boys in the races?

Nele – To be honest, a little bit 😊.

ETS – You are currently still a schoolgirl! Do you have any plans or career aspirations for the future?

Nele – I don’t have any career aspirations yet. My plan is to successfully complete my ABI in 2 years and then I will see 🙂

ETS – Do you have any other hobbies besides RC car racing that you do in your spare time? On your social media profile you can be seen with a horse – another great passion of yours?

Nele – Yes it is a big passion for me. Usually, I go riding with the horse two or three times a week.

ETS – When you talk to your friends about your RC car hobby, how do you explain to them what exactly you do? What do your friends say about it?

Nele – Often my friends don’t talk about it, but when they do, most of them are fascinated by it.

ETS – Is there any kind of role model for you in RC car racing? Or drivers you particularly enjoy watching drive?

Nele – I don’t really have a role model. But of course I like to watch the fast experienced drivers.

ETS – Nele, thank you very much for this great interview and your time. We are very happy to call you part of the ETS family. We wish you all the best, and most of all good luck and success on the track!

Nele – You’re very welcome, and thank you very much.