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T-Work`s Tire Warmer Hardcase Bag

T-Work`s is continuing to grow their range of hard case bags. The latest addition to their line up is a bag for carrying and storing SkyRC Tire Warmers in a perfect way. The hard case bag contains foam inserts which are responsible to place the main station and the tire warming cups beside each other. There is also space available for the power cables and other small goods. The mesh pocket in the lid of the bag rounds out a great product from T-Work`s.

T-Work`s part number:

TT-075-M-RSTWPRO Compact Hard Case SKYRC RSTW PRO Professional Tire Warmer Bag  

In addition to the great looking harc case, T-Works is also ofering a small screen protection sticker with the perfect size for the SkyRC Tire Warmer Station. The sticker prevents the screen from dust, dirt, and any kind of unliked scratches.

T-Work`s part number:

TA-085-RSTWPRO SkyRC RSTW PRO Professional Tire Warmer Screen Protector

Source:T-Works (rc-tworks.com/)