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ETS YOUNG TALENTS – Interview with Sören Sparbier

Young talents are important for every sport around the globe – and so it is also in the world of RC racing. Sören Sparbier from Hann. Münden is our interview guest today, and we like to find out some facts about the young man who is racing RC cars at a very high level at the ETS.

ETS – Hello Sören, I’m glad that the interview worked out. How are you doing now, so close to your home race? The next ETS will take place in your home town of Hann Münden.
Sören – I’m looking forward to the race in my home town, even though I don’t know the track.
ETS – You are lucky to have a small permanent race track on your doorstep (RCCT Münden). Are you already well prepared for the carpet season?
Sören – Yes I think so, I’m testing a lot there to prepare well for the ETS.
ETS – Which classes will you be racing in Hann. Münden? In the last few years you have competed in FWD, Formula 1 and Pro Stock.
Sören – I will compete in Pro Stock and FWD and hope to do fine in both classes.

ETS – Let’s go back to your beginnings in RC racing. When did you start the RC hobby and who got you started? Your brother Kevin certainly has his place in this story.
Sören – I started at the age of 4. My father and my brother brought me into the hobby because I have been taken to the track since I was born, which is why I started so early and practically grew up at the track.
ETS- What was your first RC car?
Sören – If I remember right, it was a Tamiya F102
ETS – Can you still remember where, and when, you drove your first RC car race?
Sören – That was at our place in Hann.Münden at the 3-Cities Trophy.
ETS – The Euro Touring Series is currently the most important racing series for 1:10 electric onroad. But of course there are also numerous other, smaller racing series. Where else do you race if it’s not ETS?
Sören – I actually race everything I can get my hands on, whether it’s TOS, RCK Challenge, RCK Series, SK or club races. Or lately I also try Buggy and 1:12 so just everything to stay in training.

ETS – Do you often train on the race tracks of the RCCT Münden?
Sören- At least once a week at our track in Münden.
ETS – Do you have a favourite race track? If so, tell us something about this track and why you like it better than others?
Sören – I don’t have a favourite track, I love to ride on every track because every track has nice and not so nice corners.
ETS – You have been driving Serpent cars for many years. How did you come to Serpent and how does the current touring car work?
Sören – I drove the F102 until 2014 and wanted to drive a touring car like my brother, who also drove Serpent at the time. My brother asked for a car for me, which Serpent made possible and since then I drove Serpent. Now I am using the actual the X20`23 and I think I have been quite successful with it. The touring car works very well on track, so let’s see how the next ETS will turn out for me.

ETS – What fascinates you so much about RC car driving? Is it the technology, the speed, or simply the adrenaline you feel on the driving stand?
Sören – the adrenaline in the preliminaries and in the finals when it’s close for places is simply the best. And when you’re competing with the others to see who’s better and the world is just always a great feeling.
ETS – What has been your greatest success in RC car racing so far? Is there a particular race that you remember most fondly?
Sören – I’ve already had a few successes in the youth sector, but I won my first buggy race, which was the EOS, in Standert 2 and 4WD, which was a very nice feeling because I didn’t expect it at my first buggy race.

ETS – Do you have a favourite driver or role model in RC car racing? Several answers are allowed 🙂
Sören – Ronald and Marc are great role models for me because they have turned their hobby into their profession, but Jan Ratheisky and Bruno Coelho are also role models for me because I drive in many classes just like them, and they can compete for the victory in all classes.
ETS – What do you do when you are not driving RC cars? Are you still a student or have you already finished school? What are your plans and career aspirations for the future?
Sören – When I’m not driving I like to paint body shells or do things with friends. And I’m currently going to vocational school to prepare myself for working life.
ETS – Do you have any other hobbies besides RC car racing that you do in your spare time? Or does RC racing already take up more than enough of your time?
Sören – Since I always want to get better and it’s a lot of fun, I don’t have much time for other hobbies.
ETS – You were also at the IFMAR World Championship in Italy (Gubbio) this year together with your brother. How did it go for you there and what was it like to take part in an official IFMAR World Championship?
Sören -It was simply an experience to be there at a world championship and to see everything – even though we expected it to be different, it was still fun and I was also satisfied with the result – I finished 40th.
ETS – What other goals have you set for the last two races of the ETS season #15 2022/23?
Sören – My goal is to get everything out of my car, as I do in every race, and to prove myself and get the best result for the overall ranking, so that I can finish in the top 10 – that would be my goal for the season.
ETS – Finally, an exciting question. Who is faster, you or your brother Kevin?
Sören – In the meantime I am 90% faster than him. now and then I also help him with the screws. but the brother duel is always a nice incentive for both of us.

ETS – Sören, thank you very much for your time. We are very happy to see you as part of the ETS family. We wish you only the best and above all good luck and success on the track!
Sören – You’re welcome and thank you very much, we’ll see us at the next ETS.

Pictures: ets.racing and Kevin Sparbier (facebook)