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ETS Motor and Gearing Update for Season #16 2023/24

Dear ETS Family,

today we like to provide you a quick update about the progress we made concerning the new 21.5T Motors and the 17.5T Motor for ProStock. Luckily the weather is getting better now and some first outdoor practice sessions had been possible at the track of the AMCA Apeldoorn where we will start into the new season in June.

As a lot of questions have reached us in the last days, Patrick Beck from the ETS media team took some minutes to edit a quick video clip in english AND german language including all the information we have until now.
The most important information: We will run a 3,8 gear ratio in all touring car stock classes at the first race in Apeldoorn!
All information about the final software versions will follow in the next couple of weeks!

Watch the video now and update yourself about all the actual topics!

English Video

German Video