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Software Information for Awesomatix Pro Stock class

Dear ETS Family,

this information is for all ProStock drivers, and everybody who wants to step into the Awesomatix ProStock class with the 17.5T Motor in the next ETS season. As we mentioned in our latest video, the software is not 100% ready while we are still working on some modes and values.

But if you already like to go testing, you can use the software which was in use in the 17.5 Stock class in the last season. We will use the same RPM Limiter, just with the longer gearing of 3,8. So you can already practice and test for the ProStock class with this software. The only modifications we will make for the start of the season is to reduce the adjustability of some other modes like PWM frequency or Punch. Here we will also go for a more easy speedo setup where racers don`t have to try too many different ESC setting options!

Just click onto the link below and navigate all the way down to the download section on the product page. There you can Download the 17.5T Software V1.4 from the last ETS Season for your practice sessions.
Keep in mind that this “old V1.4” Software is NOT the final version for the new season! As soon as the new software is completeley ready, we will provide it for downloading there as well!

If you have missed out on our video about the actual testing stages of the softwares and motors (also 21.5T), just watch the video again and update yourself. Information and software for the 21.5 classes will be available soon as well!

English Video

German Video